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most blood curdling metal songs of all time

no karate in pit
Tue, 16/05/2023 - 17:09

shit that terrified you as a child anything that still terrifies you

no karate in pit's picture

id say black sabbath by black sabbath

Dr. Wilbur Graves's picture

Black Contract by Sarcofagus

BroodOfHatred's picture

Bloodbath - Eaten

no karate in pit's picture

procession of the dead clowns

Streptococcus's picture

I was waiting for this one.

frankie530's picture

Classic lol

MortalCoil138's picture

Not a metal song but the wails on Talking to a Stranger by Hunters & Collectors terrified me when I was little

no karate in pit's picture

when i was younger like before i liked metal the concept of metallica's one terrified me

letvar's picture


The fucking intro man

Lord Cthulhu's picture

When I was a wee kiddie, the beginning of Scorpion's 'Animal Magnestism' put the willies up me.

ProfondoRosso's picture

- Black Sabbath's title track is one that actually rattled me.
- Venom's Buried Alive is way up there as a song that has the ability to freak someone out imo.
- Hat's screaming in Gorgoroth's "Gathered at Blåkulla" is blood curdling. I hope he had warm saltwater on standby to gargle after screaming like that.
- Bathory's 13 Candles also is a big contender. The intro and the main riff are just so damn evil.

Turdburger's picture

Mortuary drape - astral bewitchment

Something about that song makes my soul tingle

Pest (Finland) - satanic black mass

Most evil sounding vocals I ever heard, I love it

Streptococcus's picture

The Coffins cover of I Hate You by Grief fits for sure. The original song is pretty chilling anyways but the the high pitched vocals on the cover add another degree of depth to the song.

Theoakboat's picture

The most blood curtailing I've listened to is the dread magnificence of prosperity by gnaw their tongue's.

Theoakboat's picture

The most blood curtailing I've listened to is the dread magnificence of prosperity by gnaw their tongue's.

last1onearth's picture

Not really scary now but when I first heard Dismembered by Dismember the switch from melodic intro to blasting death metal was a jumpscare, especially separated by a single bell.

Viewbob's picture

the only time i was ever "scared" by a metal song was the title track for malignancys inhuman grotesqueries, the completely sudden change after the acoustic intro gave me a shock

Darklord's picture

Never really been "scared" by a song but definitely gonna listen to some these suggestions to see if they have that effect.

buddyunholy's picture

carnage by mayhem w/ dead vocals

Idk why it is so special to me, but it makes me feel something primal every time and that's scaring me because there's a lot of much scarier / heavier/ more dissonant stuff that doesn't

overall my favourite black metal track I guess

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Eaten by Bloodbath

andermatten's picture

thinking back to when I was 14, when music had a pretty extreme effect on me (not that it isn't like that anymore, but different), off the cuff: obituary chopped in half or entombed premature autopsy

no karate in pit's picture


andermatten's picture

feel the blood spill from your mouth

no karate in pit's picture

fucking love that song

Djsodomizer's picture

Hellhammer - Triumph of Death

ThatBillyGuy's picture

First time I listened to cannibal corpse I was shaken, definitely should not have looked at the lyrics for I cum blood and addict to vaginal skin lol

no karate in pit's picture

it was a lil song about shooting blood from your cock

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

Ancient Skin-Mayhem!!!!

joecubbie's picture

Black Sabbath - "Disturbing the Priest"

Wyvern's picture

Well not as a child, but 'Necropedophile' by Cannibal Corpse

no karate in pit's picture

the child laughter always made my hair stand up

MetalNDN's picture

Denver Black Sky 2016 festival I saw Primitive Man live and it was a heavy AF show from them. I don’t even know who they were. Hearing them live it sounded like demons from Hell being released. I ended up buying all their albums and singles they released. And I would see them again at Psycho Las Vegas 2021 and Primitive Man were heavy and dark AF.

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