Metallica: Hardwired to Self-Destruct...Yay or Nay??

Tue, 20/12/2016 - 17:29

The album has been out for a bit now and i am not sure if there has already been a forum discussion on here about it(haven't been on here in quite awhile) so what do you all think of this album? Personally, i love it. I find it way better than Death Magnetic and i put it up there with albums like ..And Justice for All and Ride the Lightning. We all know Metallica is a somewhat controversial band now since you either love them or hate them, so try to keep it a clean fight folks. We're all metalheads here and all opinions are welcome, but let's be civil here!

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In a period when new albums and eps from bands like Ravencult, Deathspell Omega, Anteus, Dead Congregation and Teitanblood are available, the new Metallica albm isn't exectly a priority imo ( and Metallica is my all time favourite band along with Slayer, and I WORSHIP their first 4 albums). From the few songs I have heard it sounds better than Death Magnetic but still nothing spectacular. So far the overall feedback is possitive I think.

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I don't see the need to compare Metallica with modern black metal releases. You should compare those releases more to modern black metal releases like Mayhems or Darkthrones.
if you compare Metallicas new output to new bands better compare them to modern good thrash like Nekromantheon, Inculter, Vektor, Condor etc.

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You make a fair point about not making apples and oranges comparisons, but I think you're missing the actual point of the statement all the same. You could throw up any list of bands in whatever genre (including trash), and the point would still be the same: There's too many good things going on elsewhere to bother with a new Metallica record after all the band's years of unwavering, commercially-diluted mediocrity. This attitude is not meant to belittle genuine fans of modern day Metallica, or those who remain devoted out of a sense of duty because they like the early classic albums so much. It's just that a lot of people outside those groups really cannot be bothered with this band anymore, which is okay. The band and its fans are doing fine without them, obviously.

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Yes i do unterstand, i'm not even a Metallica listener myself. I just thought it's not a good analogy and the post should be written more general and not focusd on Black Metal. But you cleared it up with your second post and explained it more in depth, don't worry.

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You misunderstood my point. I didn't want to compare Metallica with the aforementioned bands, as they don't have anything similar ( even a comparison between those bands is not really possible, despite the fact that they all fall under the category of black/death metal.) I focused on those bands simply because there records where released around the same time as Metallica's. My point boils down to the simple fact that there is no point to waste your time and money on a "decent" new Metallica record when there is an abundance of fantastic records from newer and more interesting bands.

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Me and `tallica gimme fuel gimme fajj wackadacka waaaaa broke up 20 years ago so i go Nay :)

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I think its better compared to most of the others in the post-Black Album era. But my ex bf is in the manUNkind music video so naaay.

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"In a period when new albums and eps from bands like Ravencult, Deathspell Omega, Anteus, Dead Congregation and Teitanblood are available, the new Metallica albm isn't exectly a priority imo" <--- Agreed. Frankly, Metallica have never been one of my favorite bands, even keeping in mind their early stuff. I don't dislike it, but it's hard to get excited about anything new from them, not even considering what they've become since the 90's. Basically, I have not heard the album yet, but I have no intentions of going out of my way to purchase or sample it either... so "nay". Pure apathy on my part. Maybe it's a good album, and I am not trying to assert that it isn't, or that I know it's bad without hearing it. Just that I have zero incentive to find out.

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I think it's their best in about 2 decades

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Neither. Just ok

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I haven't heard the full thing, and I probably won't either so take this for what it's worth. I've listened to some tracks in the form of music videos and it didn't sound godawful, some tracks were even pretty good. But there just isn't anything that makes me hungry for more. I've said in a previous thread regarding the Hardwired single that this is probably the best Metallica can sound nowadays. and I still think that is true but the sad point is that the band just isn't that interesting in the year 2016. I will always respect them for the fact that they were one of the first bands that got me into metal, but as far as being a devoted fan I'm done. There are far too many other bands that I'd rather listen to and discover.

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I go with you on this Claudandus. But unfortunately I forced myself to listen to the whole album, while reparing some hardware in my computer. And at some point it made me mad. The songs are way too long and they sound too happy. And having to listen to 10th Hammett solo, using shitloads of wah, or Hetfields overdone vocals, I actually got angry and threw the screwdriver through my office. :D
In my opinion hardwired is way better than load, reload, st. anger and death magnetic... but somehow it's still very uninspired, nothing one has not allready heard somewhere else. Shit repeats over and over again and gets boring at some point. In no point it can reach "Justice...", "Master...", or "Ride...", for this it sounds way to generic.
So I'd say NAY !

I found this perfect Metallica substitue for me, "Reign of Fury" from the UK. Their Album "death of the shepherd" sounds like if Metallica would have developed their 80s thrash attitude into the 2000's. So I'd rather listen to them.

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Sounds like thrash nickelback tbh lads

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James needs to star screaming instead of that girly way of singing he is been doing for some years now, they need to put the real distortion too, that guitar sound is like they need more power, just listen to the new Testament album, listen to that sound!!!!! Or even better, just listen to the MOPuppuets album, that's what I mean, I think if they realized that and fix it along with some good rifs again then we are gonna have a good Metallica album again, this one sucks, this one has no soul, has no inspiration, I just hear the need of money And the fear of lose their new and young fans who pays big money for his shows

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oooooh, yea haaa



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Yay! It's reviled for either because people say they sold out, blah blah blah. Or They sucked after Cliff died,etc. I really like it, and I've ranked it second to Under Attack by Destruction for album releases this year. Very good return to form and nice to see the band play smaler venues to get closer with the crowd.

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its a YAY from me. Love it..

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hell ya

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I dont like Metallica for many years now.Even live they desperatly grabbing back hold of the older material.Master of Puppets has broke a record live if you ask me.Only saying....

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I like it. Regardless of what most metalheads think about Metallica. I mean they are making money, so they are doing something right.

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A lot of great answers here, seems though we're divided but i guess that is to be expected with Metallica. It seems to me it's 50/50. I see negative and positive. Thank you all for you opinions!

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Yay. Murder One is beautiful.

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I loved Spit out the Bone, or what was it called? And some other songs aswell. And that Black Metal "parody" was funnier than i thought.

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I have to add / rephrase:
all in all a clear Yay! With some weaker songs on it this still a strong release and Spit out the Bone jist one of the best modern Metallica Songs written. I just wish they would have used the harmonies of the verse even more often... so good!

By the way the first time reaction videos are just hilarious, hahaha

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in comparison to all the other big 4 albums that have been released, it put it at number 3 behind repentless and dystopia

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