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Metal Cars!

Sun, 09/08/2020 - 01:29

Not sure if this his has been done already, but what cars do veryone drive or consider the most metal?! (Excluding Motorcycles, which are obviously very Metal, regardless of style) Just for fun/curiosity

Morbid_Welshman's picture

That tank alone, wow! I'd have to say the Defender for me; No carpet, all the metal is on show!

Stathis's picture

Pretty much all muscle cars could be considered "metal" but not really comfortable to drive daily.

I drive an alfa romeo brera and waiting for alfa to release tonale. Not "metal" either of them

MorticiA's picture

I've got an old school Chevy Suburban named Behemoth, my Dad has a Ford 1973 Ranchero that he popped in a 460 engine from a camper and he dubbed the car Beast (lives up it's name.) I've been thinking of making a clear molded acrylic to put band stickers on so it can be removed and attached when desired (I've got some extended family members that are religious or some times I hang with their friends/family and I don't wanna stir the pot so to speak.)

Yea, frankly, all old school muscle cars are pretty metal, I look at todays cars and in terms of looks they just don't have that same impact... In fact, I pretty much hate todays cars. I saw a mint Shelby SS convertible back in Feburary while doing errands and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy.

AlexRazor's picture

Every postapocalyptic car from Mad Max series and it's clones. 70-s muscle cars, hot rods

Hliðskialf's picture

Most metal car: Mercedes-Benz 190
Currently driving: Mercedes-Benz A-Class

MorticiA's picture

Judas Priest parody song: Meeeeeeeetal Carrrrrrrrs.

Hárbarðr's picture

1978-79 Ford Bronco

bad_american1992's picture

100% agree especially with that beautiful paint job

Reinhardt's picture

Just spotted Dodge Aspen with a Motörhead emblem painted on the tailgate. Someone got 5000€ to spare?

bad_american1992's picture

That is a pure Hesher vehicle!!!

Faber's picture


bad_american1992's picture

A modern ZZ Top Eliminator hahahaha

Mastercutor's picture

Older cars were allowed to be Metal! They could use more "pointed" front bumpers with sharper edges. Those looked so cool! And the pop-up headlights!!! Both are unfortunately considered unsafe nowadays, effectively banned.
All the new cars must look and feel safe, just because pedestrians are too soft nowadays...

Tribute to Pop Up Headlights, part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRQ-nbhwrEI
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPWcprsbcV0
Just imagine being hit by something like this. [Cue the "Hunting Season" by Sodom]
That'd be that for walking. [Cue "The Crippler" by Sodom]
Today, a new car, a drive-able airbag, hits you and the driver almost takes more damage than you do...

It might not seem like it just from this description, but every single time I listen to Shivers on Master of the Moon, I can smell the grey leather interior of my dad's Porsche 944 Turbo in alpine white with 968 and Strosek mods. It could fit a few guitars in the trunk, too. To me, nothing gets more metal when you want some elegance with that.
Transaxle for life!
Although the darker black 944 Turbo might have looked more metal, I'd argue that alpine white did evoke the power metal feel a bit better. Like a white horse in an old school music video. Or a coke-wagon 🤧
And the sharp European front bumper (American version could cut pedestrians in half, too, if the driver tried hard enough) was as metal as it could get for a more everyday car, when we aren't talking tanks and such. Then I'd still say that Porsche made some of the most metal vehicles of all the time. Tiger anyone? 🐯☺️

bad_american1992's picture

The De Tomaso Pantera is quite the metal ride. My friend's dad has one and man it's scary as hell to drive in. Not only is there the band Pantera, but the singer for Hanoi Rocks was killed while Vince Neil was drunk driving one of these.

Also my friends in LAPD told me they had a call where someone's Tesla exploded or caught on fire from the lithium ion battery fucking up, by the time they arrived this guy was a deep fried extra crispy critter. Sounds pretty metal to me \m/

Mastercutor's picture

Those pop ups on Pantera are something else. That particular piece gotta be pretty rare in the U.S.
And there's basically no front bumper. Would totally slice through a pedestrian or two. Did you mean "scary for others outside of the car, when he drives it"? Haha.

I'd wager it wasn't that metal for the deep fried human nugget inside it 😅
It'd be better to burn like a real man in a gasoline or diesel fire.
That's not a rare case, many others are just not published enough. Guess why? (Rhetorical question)
People barely learned how to take care of Li-ion batteries in their phones, laptops etc. It doesn't come as a surprise to me, that many aren't able to properly service their electric car(t)s. Temperatures in Summer, Winter, and whatnot...

I think that older, more angular, cars in their factory state are more metal as they are/were. Obvious choice would be monster trucks, I guess.
It's considerably harder to find a modern everyday car/vehicle (not counting motorcycles) that's somehow interesting and has somewhat of a personality. But it's not unreal. It's due to a fact that the automobile industry has moved away from original automobilists to general consumers.
*end of a rant - sorry*

bad_american1992's picture

They are certainly rare, you will never see one on the road unless it's for a car show these days. Yeah get hit by one of those and your theme would be "Chopped In Half" by Obituary!. Those cars are extremely low to the ground, and anybody in a van or lifted vehicle is likely to not see you before changing lanes or backing up.

Yeah I agree with your two rants though... modern cars are not very metal at all. Occasionally a neat ride comes along but just about everything made by the big corporations lately looks like a jelly bean.

andermatten's picture

only car I can think of with the slightest 'louder music' connection (which is not hiphop or country) is an opel manta.

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