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Merch highlighting/display function

Wed, 07/04/2021 - 21:32

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I like to share the idea of an highlighting/display function for merch on the profiles here:

I got the Idea when I read the thread "Wearing right now TSS Function return"
Some users used the "wearing right now" function to highlight some special Shirts and Battlevests in their collections. Its was specially useful when they have more than one page of uploaded items on their profiles. Most of the times only the first two pages are visited from the Users here and some stuff gets buried in the collection over time.

How about an highlighting function instead of the "wearing right now function", where it is possible to mark maybe around 5 or 6 uploaded items on your profile and display them maybe in the first row of the collection/upload section on your profile or under the profilpic? Like an display slot maybe where those items are linked with pictures to those uploaded items like the "wearing" function back then.
So each user here can chose some gems/favourite items in their collection like battlevests, rare longsleeve/Shirt etc. and have them displayed on their first profile page without pushing those uploads on other pages in their profile, where those are rarely visited. Its also makes it possible to show what Items are specially important for the users in their collection.

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