Memoriam - ex-Bolt Thrower/Benediction

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 16:20

Karl Willets just tweet about new album cover/release date!!



That is some fine artwork on the cover, would love to fine a promo poster of that when it comes out.


Keen as fuck!!!!

That artwork is amazing.


Dan Seagrave never dissapoints! Really looking forward to hear this album in full


Cant wait to get this album! been following closely since I heard about the project. Sounds like Andy Whale hasn't lost a step, this album is going to be a basher!!


Nice heavy guitar tone....cannot mistake this band comes from Birmingham,


I've always had a kind of relaxed opinion on Bolt Thrower. I like them well enough, and some of their tracks are really top tier stuff. But I guess they just never had that little extra to make them worship material, at least not to me.
I feel basically the same about this project. it sounds really good, just nothing I'd go gaga over. If I get the chance I'll definitely see them though.

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