Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (Australia)

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 03:59

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas In Full!
Australian Tour, January 2018

Widely considered one of the single most influential albums in the history of black metal, MAYHEM bring their 'DE MYSTERIIS DOM SATHANAS' tour to Australia to shroud us all in a veil of satanic darkness. Wriiten and recorded in bleak and turbulent times, during which the suicide of vocalist 'Dead' and the murder of guitarist 'Euronymous' delayed the release by numerous years, many who would say it is the single most important album in black metal’s history.
Featuring iconic members Atilla Csihar, Necrobutcher and Hellhammer, and with the reputation of being one of the most controversial live acts to ever disgrace this planet, MAYHEM will create THE most incredible black metal tour this barren wasteland has ever seen.

MAYHEM and supports performing at:
Jan 16th - Perth, Capitol
Jan 17th - Melbourne, Max Watts
Jan 18th - Sydney, Max Watts
Jan 19th - Brisbane, TBC
Jan 21st - Hobart, Mona Foma

TICKETS ON SALE Tuesday October 17th at:
PERTH, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, BRISBANE - http://soundworksdirect.eventbrite.com / www.oztix.com.au
HOBART - https://mofo.net.au


Got my ticket ordered for Melbourne, Keen as fuck!!

Event date: 
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Event Country: 
Who is going?
Jen Gruesome,
Are you attending?

rusty74's picture

Should be good, ive read pretty good reviews of this tour playing De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas from start to finish, it's the only one i dig of their's, but it really is a great album. Enjoy mate.

Stathis's picture

They kinda suck at this tour. At least they did when i saw them a few months ago. Too long interludes between songs and they played half the album on faster tempo... Only attila was decent

Also 70$ (46 euros) for Mayhem wtf.... I don't I've ever paid more than 25 to see them live (and that was 5 months ago)

Nater90's picture

That sucks to hear...Hopefully they do it justice...

That's normal here, We are at the ass end of the world, cheapest gig featuring overseas bands I've seen was like $55.

Nater90's picture

Hell yeah, So keen, It's one of the albums that got me into Black Metal so pretty special for me personally. Thanks mate!!

Blüdrayne's picture

Wow, it's $70ish. Interested to see who opens, for each city.

Nater90's picture

$81 including booking fees haha, Yeah keen to see who supports such an iconic event.

MasterDeath's picture

Nice! I'm really happy for you since I know how much you like 'em! I will watch them tomorrow in Slovenia and I already prepared some goodies + a surprise for Necrobutcher, he'll love it! Also, I see that the ticket costs for tomorrow is 25€ per person so it's a privilege for me to leave 50€ in the pocket! Really cool of Mayhem guys

Nater90's picture

Thanks Darko!!! Hell yeah I am haha, Oh nice, Enjoy bro!!! Your goodies are always kick ass, Keen to hear about it.

MasterDeath's picture

The night was excellent! I was surprised how good Dragged Into Sunlight was! Sadly, only handful of people appeared, only Slovenians, my gf and I. I was the only one yelling there!
I received a normal ticket instead of AAA on the entrance but it didn't bother me since I was there to support and to have fun! After the show I was called in the backstage and I've seen the guest list when Hellhammer sent it to me several hours before, the great surprise was the one and only Niklas Kvarforth of Shining! Damn, we had many good laughs back there and all I can say that the night was beyond amazing, even though I was busted from work and from driving to another country + I forgot to bring my Deathcrush and De Mysteriis records... I really wanted to have them signed but when you're almost 100km from home, you can't turn back to get 'em. There is time and as Necro said "WE WILL MEET AGAIN SOON AND I KNOW IT!". I'll post at least one thing here, because I didn't even post any of the shirts that I received the last time when I watched them in April.
PLUS one cool thing that happened when we left the venue and when I told them that I have to work at 5 am, Attila wanted to escort us and to speak with me a bit more. I'll add some photos soon

Nater90's picture

Great to hear!!!!

Oh wow that's fucking awesome!!! Ah bugger, yes I'm sure you will have the chance to get them signed soon enough!

Ah damn that's cool!! Really nice of him! Can't wait to see.

DeathFuckinMetal's picture

Saw this a few weeks ago on Facebook, OF COURSE fucking Adelaide misses out (yet again!), but what gets me is Fucking Hobart gets a show. What a bunch of fucking bullshit. They should either add a date for Adelaide of cross off Hobart and put in Adelaide. Never seen Mayhem live and De Mysteriis is one hell of a great album and i'm pissed that i won't get to see it performed in it's entirety. The only way i will see it is if i fly over to Sydney or somewhere which probably most likely won't happen.

Nater90's picture

Fucking sucks....Hobart will sell but I don't think as much as Adelaide would...

Yeah they didn't play Adelaide last time either...

Would get costly each time you'd have to go elsewhere for a gig...Sort of ruins it because supporting the local scene feels better I think.

Piss's picture

Hobart gets a show as it's been organised as part of MONA FOMA festival. I'm sure time constraints are a factor in Adelaide's omission, perhaps also past attendance to shows etc. These things are taken into account when promoters plan tours. If you can't save a few hundred dollars in a few months to attend a show only an hour's flight away from your city (and for under $200 on Jetstar right now) then I'd say you have other things to worry about than going to a show.

Nater90's picture

Ah I see, Only know Mayhem and Godspeed You Black Emperor....Rest no idea.

Yeah that's very true man, It's not that hard to get around Australia in the grand scheme of things, I planned a trip to Perth in one night!

Jen Gruesome's picture

Very excited for this tour. My older brother is a huge fan and he doesn't get out to gigs much - he NEEDS this - and we are going to have a fucking awesome time out together. Earth Rot just announced as local support act for Perth show!

Nater90's picture

Hell yeah!!! Sounds good, Hope you both have a great night!!!

Seen Earth Rot before, Fucking wicked band!!! Also Bölzer, Ruins & Départe, So keen to finally see Ruins and Bölzer!!!, Seen Départe before, Wicked also!

Jen Gruesome's picture

We definitely will!

Earth Rot are great, absolutely! They are currently on tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse. They always ensure for me an awesome gig night out. I haven't heard Bölzer before, but I see a lot of comments and people are pretty stocked about it. So I will definitely listen to a little Bölzer prior to the show.

Nater90's picture

Nice, Only know a handful of Fleshgod's stuff, Pretty decent from what I've heard.

Bölzer kick ass, Pissed I missed their last tour (With Watain and Behemoth) really wanted to see them and Behemoth! Sounds good!

Skeaton's picture

Saw them play DMDS in full here in Tucson last weekend... don't listen to the guy saying they suck at this tour! It was an amazing show, dripping with evil atmosphere. Immolation also kicked ass but they only played 2 songs outside of their new album. I was hoping for more of their classic stuff. Hopefully you get some good supporting bands!

Nater90's picture

Awesome!!! Yeah Atilla has an epic voice, Imagine him doing house haunting tours or something!!

When I seen Immolation they played a broad range but that's only because their new album wasn't out I guess.

We have Bölzer, Ruins & Départe as support.

fuckyeah's picture

Spewin only Mayhem for tassie leg no Ruins but so so happy Ruins got the support slot for the rest of the tour

Nater90's picture

Ah damn, So keen to see Ruins.

Nater90's picture

Such an epic nice, Departe were good, Ruins kicked major ass, So glad to finally see them, Bolzer were fantastic, KzR has an amazing voice, The merch they had was boring so passed on it..., Mayhem were fucking amazing!!! Couple songs the sound tech fucked up on so didn't sound as good as last tour, But epic nonetheless!!! Their show especially Attila was phenomenal!

Some dick head through a glass almost hitting Necro, he ducked and gave the guy the biggest death stare, flipped them off and said FUCK YOU!

Who the fuck does that...Just stupid.

DeathFuckinMetal's picture

LOL probably just a pissed cunt mate! Glad you had fun!

Nater90's picture

Yeah more than likely, Just retarded...

Fuck yeah was a blast, Going to upload my shirt.

Braunman's picture

The Perth show was so good. Truly made my hairs stand on end!

Nater90's picture

Nice nice, Very true, Atilla is the perfect front men, My mate freaked out when he licked the skull, Looked at me and said what the fuck!!!

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