Maybe someone interested in RAC or something like that on vinyl and cd?

toughenoughWed, 06/03/2013 - 07:51


just want to know if somebody here is also into RAC and music like that.
And further if someone is interested to trade/buy some on vinyl and cd, shirts too.

bands for example: brutal attack, skrewdriver, plunder&pillage, bound for glory, pig killer, W.A.R....something like that?


I'm into RAC and hatecore, but basically only Eastern European ones, like Kraj, Molot, Kiborg, Kolovrat, Sokyra Peruna, Sorab 18, Velimor, xTerrorWavex, You Must Murder, etc. I was never really into Brutal Attack or Skrewdriver type bands much.


ah okay i see. i know kolovrat. but it's a bit hard to understand the language huh :)


I also highly recommend the Polish band Honor


Honor is such a good band! So is Legion also from Poland!


I recommend this band,
they're pretty cool, and total sympathizers to the cause!




pls tell us, what RAC means. thanks.




you stole my reply, comrade ;)



you two just made me spit water


INB4 stupid ass pointless argument starts


RAC is a stupid genre name. they dont even sing about communism. they should just call it WP rock or something like that.


I am, but at the moment the only thing I am willing to spend any money on obtaining would be a Angry Aryans shirt. I do not mind if it is not an original. You could screen print it for all I care.


It's surprising seeing how many people are trying to make a big deal out of this post. It's nothing new people.


i personally think rac is a pretty cool guy. eh vociferates against dem zog and nigras and doesn't afraid of anything


Personally i think RAC is a bit crap to be honest most of it sounds like its been recorded in a derelict public toilet and there album art tends to pretty dire


Interesting to see no Skrewdriver shirts here on this site. Great artwork and a lot of metal within their extensive catalogue.

-Nathan Bedford Forrest

satan's radish

I like a small few RAC and Hatecore bands. They are very mixed "genres" like anything else, though. Anyway, I haven't got much for trading or cash for spending. But, for future reference, I am interested in US bands like Ethnic Cleansing, as well as parody bands like White Pride and Vaginal Jesus + associated acts, punk-era Skrewdriver (you know, before they started doing horrible Lynyrd Skynyrd covers) and the early RAC albums of Saccara. Anything similar to the stuff I mentioned I'd be interested in hearing as well, but I don't care about anything else. As long as it's extremely visceral, or just really catchy, I might enjoy it.


Keep it going. Git yer dayum RAC shirts up 'ere if you got 'em.

-Bedford Forrest

Into Glory Ride

Just wanted to point out that the new Bound For Glory is once more a very strong effort, as expected.


Good choice bro. 'Hate Train Rolling' is one my favorite albums.
Platoon 14 is solid as well!


Krasny bor 1943 and batallon de castigo are goods to be boneheads.. Ns and commies are all slaves but opposite sides

satan's radish

Wow, this thread's old as fuck (2013!) and I just realized it. The post regarding Skrewdriver that bumped it wasn't even worth posting. Still, if any of you 4chan edgelords gets a girlfriend and decides you need to ditch your VJ and Ethnic Cleansing discs in a hurry, do get in touch with me. I'll consider any reasonable sale offer.


Yall ever heard the "Cult of the Holy War" CD? One of the best.

-Bedford Forrest

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