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Manufacturers & Sellers: Stop inflating the price for Triangle Patches...

Fri, 21/02/2020 - 01:23

Title says it all, but it bears reiterating: Stop inflating the price of Triangle patches.

I've seen it time and time again, thus I know all "you" have too. I don't know WHY they do this, frankly it doesn't make a lick of sense to me as Square patches have more surface area and you get WAY less design on Triangles due to the small surface area. Frankly, this whole notion utterly illogical to me and if people can tell me why, I'll listen...

But, seriously, I've seen new Triangles go for the same price as a printed back patch! And granted, while some Triangles truly are limited edition (and numbered to prove it,) others aren't and are simply new stock. At $16+, there's a variety of explicit phrases I can toss out, cause given the lower amount of material these things should cost UNDER $10, and even getting close to $10 is still pretty out there... And don't tell me it varies with the band and album, cause I don't believe that either, if that truly IS the reason then your literally being greedy and that's straight up bullshit. Yea, I know you got bills to pay, yea I know you got debts to solve, but don't stoop to ripping the rest of us off.

As much as we're all made of money (and we're not mind you,) the truth of the matter is that we're all under hard times financially (most of us at least,) and before a bunch of hypocrites start shaking their finger at the rest of us for having a hobby and not blowing it on booze and cigs, need I remind you that your pants are on fire; so you can take your troll shit elsewhere. So, as far as I'm concerned, the aforementioned shame-argument is null and void. Even in hard times people still spend a little here and there to have a little pick me up in life, and if we didn't I'm sure sales would be much lower and the economy would suck even worse. Shit, places even mark items down JUST to attract impulse buyers, and small/useless items are king at that 'cause they do practically nothing thus making you want to buy more.

Straight up: Stop jacking the prices up for Triangle Patches, there's no reason for it, and if there IS... I'd like to hear it, because I don't believe it.

Yea, I'm irked, but I'm more annoyed than anything, and I guess this was the straw that broke the camels back, so I guess take my rant with a grain of salt.

edit 2-21-20: I'm editing the title a little to include "Sellers" as it's clear that it's not always the Manufacturers fault of cost inflation.

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