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Wed, 10/10/2018 - 17:59

Hi all. So I have an interesting question/topic to talk about. As I'm sure most of us have used or use metallum I am curious. How does one tell for certain whether or not the place where it shows what a bands lyrical content is well is correct? For instance the Russian band Volkolak on their metallum says their lyrical content is Ancient traditions, White pride, Heathenism, National socialism. I can definitely see the ancient traditions and heathenism but the other 2 not at all. I have translated song titles album titles and lyrics and nothing even seems remotely in the vein of white pride or NS. Is something like that always to be believed? What are your thoughts on this? How does one tell the truth on a bands lyrical content especially when it's in a different language than their own and they don't really speak it?

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