The lying game

Mon, 28/08/2017 - 12:49

Since I noticed a lof of people (including me) enjoy the simple games like "This Or That" I was thinking of starting this game I played and enjoyed with other on another forum.
The rules are easy, all you do is post 3 sentences with claims about yourself, 2 are right, 1 is a lie. The next person must guess what is the lie. The person posting the 3 sentences must make it as difficult as possible to guess which one is the lie.

For example I will post:
-I was once almost arrested for public indecency
-I'm secretly a black veil brides fan
-I once accidentally ate a life snail

the person who sees this will guess which one is the lie and then posts 3 sentences form him/herself. I will tell him/her if he/she was correct or not and so will he/she when someone guesses their lie.

Let's see if people enjoy this one as much as This OR that and enjoy it as much as I did on forum I played it, otherwise just let it die hahah.

Guess this TShirt!

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  • Awesome!! France next! 4 days!
  • Hell yes great pic love Rob love Priest!
  • Nice one i got this one to at the Stockholm show.
  • Lucky bastard!
  • sick!!
  • It is next! I just need to head to one of the stores here & see if they sell it here as well.
  • Thanks! Found it on ebay brand new for 10 CAD. Close to my town too...so shipping was cheap :)
  • Hey, the disc is "Mad Butcher & Eternal Devastation", right?
  • Nice! Some rare ones too!My order batch is now piling up :)))
  • I wished someone would do a repress of this gem already!
  • Great looking vest, simplicity rules.
  • Nice vest, don't see many reping Hellfire Deathcult yet, cheers to pioneers \m/ (Did you see them live to get that
  • WTF? Great find!
  • Hi there, Where did you get that Crematory - Denial t-shirt?
  • Great stuff!
  • A legendary back patch dude!! Nice find for sure!
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