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Looking for Aliens/Xenomorph patches

Tue, 25/02/2020 - 12:49

Mmmkay, so this is probably not really music related (aside from the band Xenomorph,) but I'm looking for some good Aliens/Xenomorph patches. Preferably woven, and preferably not a backpatch (unless it's tight.)

So, I've been browsing etsy, ebay, and the web in general for GOOD looking patches and most things I find don't really interest me. Often, patches are both expensive and not very good looking and lack details and just seem really sub-par despite peoples best efforts; that, and you don't get much design for your buck. Granted, the recent Xenomorph band patches look GREAT but they've sold out and whatever ones I find are expensive.

I'm also not interested in Nostromo, Sulaco patches, Weyland Yutani logos, and Colonial Marines Logos (market is saturated with these and I'm picking out a Colonial Marines one out personally,) so, essentially no faction emblems; with the exception of the Cheyanne dropship patch that's a frontal view and says Express Elevator to Hell. I've only seen that one ONCE in 2018 and I was too froogle to buy it... I know it was part of a limited edition shirt and patch set of the same image, but I can't find the combo/LTD-ED set anywhere. I have also seen (and bookmarked) the LV-426 Jurassic Park style patch cause I just feel like there's gotta be something more important out there. Another I've seen, is the word "XENOMORPH" with an alien facing the viewer and holding the letters/word, this is another uber low priority patch and I can get it anytime.

'Nother side note, I love AVP, but I'm into the Xenos more, but if the patch has a really good xeno I can just cut the Predator out and hold onto it (or sell it.) Otherwise you get the idea, Aliens only. I've also seen a handful of other sublimated patches on ebay of the Cast of the movie, "we aim by PFM" "Smart ass" Hudson, Apone, Alien Life Cycle (something I plan to get at some point,) and a facehugger saying "free hugs" (and hugging the words [I have this already.])

I've seen the large Facehugger backpatch on etsy and it doesn't suit my needs, I've also seen the Chestburster patch on etsy and I'm not really impressed with detail for the price. I know there's a few sublimated patches also seen on ebay and etsy and again, they just don't do it for me (and are very easy to get, so, uber low priority.) I know I've seen a few vinyl patches in the past but I can't find anymore, and even then: a bright pink Alien just ain't my thing despite the stereotype of my gender being Pink crazy; sans: I have NO PINK clothes!

Other things I've seen are a sexy alien lady patch made in Thailand and I have that on it's way (I'm gonna modify it,) and I know that to get proper search results in either ebay or etsy ya gotta omit: -gray -green, -believe, -area51 and the like cause the market is OVERTLY saturated to the point of ABSURDITY with the big head alien dudes and it just makes things redundant and time consuming. Seriously manufacturers, please don't waste your time, efforts, and resources making these dime a dozen patches xD.

Anyway, this should give you an idea what I've seen, what my goal(s) are and any help is appreciated even if it doesn't suit my taste, it's good to have more eyes and ears out there keeping tabs on anything that pops up. Thanks all in advance.

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