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Looking for Aliens/Xenomorph patches

Tue, 25/02/2020 - 12:49

Mmmkay, so this is probably not really music related (aside from the band Xenomorph,) but I'm looking for some good Aliens/Xenomorph patches. Preferably woven, and preferably not a backpatch (unless it's tight.)

So, I've been browsing etsy, ebay, and the web in general for GOOD looking patches and most things I find don't really interest me. Often, patches are both expensive and not very good looking and lack details and just seem really sub-par despite peoples best efforts; that, and you don't get much design for your buck. Granted, the recent Xenomorph band patches look GREAT but they've sold out and whatever ones I find are expensive.

I'm also not interested in Nostromo, Sulaco patches, Weyland Yutani logos, and Colonial Marines Logos (market is saturated with these and I'm picking out a Colonial Marines one out personally,) so, essentially no faction emblems; with the exception of the Cheyanne dropship patch that's a frontal view and says Express Elevator to Hell. I've only seen that one ONCE in 2018 and I was too froogle to buy it... I know it was part of a limited edition shirt and patch set of the same image, but I can't find the combo/LTD-ED set anywhere. I have also seen (and bookmarked) the LV-426 Jurassic Park style patch cause I just feel like there's gotta be something more important out there. Another I've seen, is the word "XENOMORPH" with an alien facing the viewer and holding the letters/word, this is another uber low priority patch and I can get it anytime.

'Nother side note, I love AVP, but I'm into the Xenos more, but if the patch has a really good xeno I can just cut the Predator out and hold onto it (or sell it.) Otherwise you get the idea, Aliens only. I've also seen a handful of other sublimated patches on ebay of the Cast of the movie, "we aim by PFM" "Smart ass" Hudson, Apone, Alien Life Cycle (something I plan to get at some point,) and a facehugger saying "free hugs" (and hugging the words [I have this already.])

I've seen the large Facehugger backpatch on etsy and it doesn't suit my needs, I've also seen the Chestburster patch on etsy and I'm not really impressed with detail for the price. I know there's a few sublimated patches also seen on ebay and etsy and again, they just don't do it for me (and are very easy to get, so, uber low priority.) I know I've seen a few vinyl patches in the past but I can't find anymore, and even then: a bright pink Alien just ain't my thing despite the stereotype of my gender being Pink crazy; sans: I have NO PINK clothes!

Other things I've seen are a sexy alien lady patch made in Thailand and I have that on it's way (I'm gonna modify it,) and I know that to get proper search results in either ebay or etsy ya gotta omit: -gray -green, -believe, -area51 and the like cause the market is OVERTLY saturated to the point of ABSURDITY with the big head alien dudes and it just makes things redundant and time consuming. Seriously manufacturers, please don't waste your time, efforts, and resources making these dime a dozen patches xD.

Anyway, this should give you an idea what I've seen, what my goal(s) are and any help is appreciated even if it doesn't suit my taste, it's good to have more eyes and ears out there keeping tabs on anything that pops up. Thanks all in advance.

vassago1974's picture

Unfortunately, the only ones I own are the standard USCM "battle blazes" that would go on a uniform (USCM shoulder sleeve insignia, Sulaco 2/9 patch, etc.) I used to have an Alien press kit of some kind that had all of the Nostromo crew patches (like the US tricentennial commemorative and the original Weylan-Yutani logo -- they didn't add the "D" to Weyland until Aliens) along with all of the departmental collar badge pins. I sold that collection over 10 years ago. I collect mostly printed media related to Alien or Aliens, but in my searches, I'll keep an eye out for any unique patches.

MorticiA's picture

Cool! Thanks dude! Always helpful to have another set of eyes out there; slightly off topic, I'm also looking for a 4x4 bootleg of Emperors' In the Nightside Eclipse. I ended up buying the last two Xenomorph - Empyrical Regimes patches off of ebay, might as well get them now cause I don't know when they'll pop up again and I should learn my lesson with the Dropship patch.

Yea, there's some printed patches that aren't bad, I just worry about quality. Annnnd I kinda love the Warrior Alien from Aliens, that spiky/ridged head is awesome, THAT and they don't have the animal hind legs that is used all the time, just total bipedal style legs =J

Yea, there aren't many "faction/affiliation" patches I want. Just colonial Marines. Definitely no one specific from the Sulaco: cause they're all dead! LOLOL!! That, and the Nostromo (aside from Ripley and her kitty Jonesy.) 'Sure as shit don't want anything from Weyland (good bit of trivia you shared in regards of how it's spelled after the first movie, ty,) I guess I feel a stronger connection with the Marines (and RIpley) for obvious reasons. Plus, I've been playing Aliens/AVP games for well over 20 years, so, it's logical I have Marine "roots."


vassago1974's picture

In my Aliens universe, the first two story arcs from Dark Horse comics are canon. Hicks and Newt survived. Hicks, Hudson, and Vasquez were always my favorite characters, so I'm with ya on the USCM. Alien is my all time favorite movie overall, but Aliens is a close second. You should pick up a copy of the Colonial Marines Technical Manual if you haven't already. Also, you can buy Pulse Rifle, Flame Unit, and Motion Tracker full scale replicas online.

I played the AvP games, but I have to say that the best Alien/Aliens game ever is Alien: Isolation. It scared the hell outta me. No Marines, but give it a try if you haven't already.

MorticiA's picture

Heh, I like you already brotha! ^o^

I haven't read all the stories from Dark Horse, I know I've read a retelling of Aliens and at the end Earth is taken over by the Xenos. I DO recall reading a book where Hicks lived, but I can't recall all of it. Have you read Labyrinth or Genocide? I'm assuming you've read AVP War.

Yea, frankly, I loved all the Marines in Aliens, some more than others but they all were quite awesome and enjoyable. Aliens is my fav, Alien is a close 2nd for me. I view Alien 3, much of A:CM as lies fabricated by W.Y., and Ressurrection as a projected lie that they want to impose in the future.

Mmm~ Yea, I should pick that up, I didn't know about that.

OHHHHHHHH yesssssssssssss. I know there's replicas. I also know that you can get a Pulse Rifle Conversion Kit for Airsoft, and I know there's a kit and downloadable plans to convert a Nerf Gun into a Pulse Rifle. I've also seen and Airsoft Smartgun. I've even seen a dude build a total movie accurate Smart Gun made from the SAME parts (costed him like $15-19K, he even got a hold of the dude who made the Steady-Cam Arms for the Aliens Movie and got him to make him a set; even got the vest harness too. The envy~~..... The ENVY~~~....

Motion Tracker I'd get, dunno about the flame unit, ain't big on my to-get-list, but I CAN say I'm quite capable in nearly all USCM weapons (in games,) Pulse Rifle, Smart Gun, Flame Thrower...

Oh my, yes, Isolation is terrifying, I'm about halfway done and i usually take a year break in between (usually preoccupied with other games,) I'd love to have that AI in other Aliens games. I've my own ideas for a smashing good A:CM game, I just haven't implemented it yet. Speaking of A:CM, the Templar v5 mod makes the game MUCH better, totally salvages it; still ain't perfect but we can blame Randy "Pitchfork in the Ass" Pitchford for his historically colossal blunder. I still love the old 1999/2000 AVP (played that the other day, though not for very long,) ended up playing a little bit of AVP 2010 thereafter just to mix it up (haven't played the single player campaign in a few years.) However, the Aliens: Infestation for DS isn't bad at all despite being made by Gearbox, it's gameplay is VERY Metroid esq (though, I'm a old dog, I still don't like having to use two screens.)

Mastercutor's picture

Went on an Alien universe binge once again a week or so back. Ended it with a few hours of Alien: Isolation, but since I'm more of an FPS action kind of guy, my favorite would be, more or less obviously, AVP (2010). That Alien gameplay was, and hopefully still is, awesome. The classic from 2000 being a solid contender here.
Of course, had to give a listen to the band Xenomorph.
Just as I tried to see if there's any kind of merch uploaded here, out of curiosity, I noticed a topic about Xenos in the forum.
Have you, or any other TSS Alien fan for that matter, seen this one, since this 2020 post?
The embroidered version doesn't look half bad.

Or did you find any that would satisfy your taste, in the meantime? I'm curious about Xeno patches as well.

MorticiA's picture

AVP 2010 was alright-ish, the last level for the Marine is nearly awful: Boss is easy as hell, level design is poor, and Lance Henricksons audio clip is on loop with like 10 second delay or less. I find Marine movement to be very stiff and the FOV is awful (I have to use a custom GPU setting just to fic the narrow FOV. As much as I was stoked that Rebellion made it, I was quite disappointed in them. I will say that the aliens AI is quite impressive (even after 11 years,) and they even look better than the ACM Aliens. With the GFXTemplar mod ACM is better, and the Marine combat is where it's at. Yea, AVP 1999/2000 is awesome, I bought it the year it came out and I still have it on my computer. I also have Isolation but I only got through halfway because the game was so incredibly stressful; one of these days I'll beat it.

Yea, the band Xenomorph is good (I got one of their PTP patches which s going on my vest [it's gonna have Xenos all over it,]) I think one of the guitarists went to Angel Corpse, and the Drummer from Angel Corpse went onto being in Origin.

Thanks, I've seen this one, I ended up getting the x2 of the Alien Queen patch (woven) from that same manufacturer, they're stationed in Germany, one patch went to my GF for X-mas. I passed on this Chameleon cause it was tricky to find a place for it on my jacket. I know there's a few one-man-army manufacturers that make fan patches in batches of 100 and they made some really nice Aliens and Robocop patches but I arrived much too late to get one (sold out.) At this point what I'm doing is making my own patches via fabric paint and thin fabric. I've spent a few years just trying to find good looking patches and they're exceptionally rare and at risk of being sold out. So, I've taken a patch off the web and hacked it up in photoshop and assembled it in a variety of ways on my jacket prototype (also in photoshop) and this is good enough for me. One thing I've learned about this hobby s that you can spend years looking/waiting for that one patch to show up, or for someone else to do so, or you spend just as much time looking for that perfect jacket to assemble everything on... But you might as well get something that's close enough to perfect or something that works temporarily. Me? I got the a jacket that was close enough and did all my modifications by hand (months of planning, prep-work, and actually modifying it) and I got a few excellent Aliens patches, and the rest I painted (as well as some band logos.)... I feel like I could write a book on this experience....

Thanks for the info though!

Mastercutor's picture

Here's another one (two variants, one can glow), in case somebody else finds this thread, hoping for links.

Alien Skull/Trophy:

They also make "Facehugger in its egg" patch:

MorticiA's picture

Ah yea, I remember these.

The internet has become utter crap over the last few years, the search results are becoming stupid: I type in [example} "-amazon (implying I DONT want amazon popping up in my results, and what happens??? MORE Amazon links...

I've found other websites run by fans that have custom patches made (in limited quantities) but I can never find them again...I've seen some cool Aliens patches in the past but I can never find the site again nor pictures on the web. Frankly, at the moment, I'm glad my Jacket Patch craze has stopped. Frankly I never thought it would have become problematic...

Mastercutor's picture

I guess that might depend on your search engine. I've used DuckDuckGo, which uses Bing engine in the background, and that sometimes pushed Amazon links, too.
But ever since I use Ecosia, this basically doesn't happen. You might want to give that a try. Along with using some anti-tracking plugin (e.g. open source Disconnect) or a browser that supports this by default.

Right? Who would have thought that patches, pieces of cloth, might become overwhelming in such a way. Well, I'm trying to "use up" all my patches and don't buy any more, which seems to be working.
Done the same with the stickers I've collected (mostly free gifts) over the years. Used them all up and I don't feel the need to add any to a basically non-existent collection.

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