Local Heavy Metal Shops?

Mon, 03/07/2017 - 04:29

Aside from online Heavy Metal stores such as Rockabilia, etc.
I feel like the Metal community should also have local stores
located in Malls or even on their own. It'd be nice to have a
local Heavy Metal store, whether for buying patches or
buying vinyl/CD's from good bands, instead of going through
the pain of trying to find a patch online or waiting to go to a
festival. Anyone else think about this and or know any Heavy
Metal stores?

DoctorDeath's picture

basic economics i guess, how many albums have you bought in the last 365 days? how much does the rent in a mall cost?... that's why shops sell $50 tshirts that are made for 0.05 in bangladesh...

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Sad but true doc...

And while not a full blown metal store, there is a music store in Milwaukee called the Exclusive Company which has its own metal section called the Metal Hauz, with quite a but of vinyl, patches and shirts as well as CDs. They're even nice to import stuff if you're a regular.

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I think record stores or any kind of shop where you can buy music related stuff let alone anything metal have all died with the Dinosaurs.

Nater90's picture

It's a dying art to have a "local record shop", The local one I go to does good, But they used to do better. They deal with other genres outside of Metal otherwise they'd be dead!

So many variables come into it.

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

Any store that sells physical copies of music of any kind has a hard enough time keeping a brick and mortar store open, let alone a store that sells physical copies of music that already has little to no mainstream appeal exclusively. Your best bet would be other types of stores, mainstream record shops, book stores coordinating with bands trying to sell their music within their own community or online only distros, or whatever the case may be to sell metal merch from those stores. Even then it's still a risky business.

Der Todesking's picture

Yes they get very rare nowadays! Here in Central Europe, only big cities have such cool record stores, like in Vienna where Ex-Pungent Stench drummer Alex Wank has his Totem Records. Been there in June - you get lots of shirts, vinyl, CDs as well as Horror movies (& Soundtracks). And I heard about Crypt of the Wizard in London, which should be killer!

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Here in Puerto Rico, records stores have closed like wildfire. Between my teenager years and during my college years, there were very few record stores left and one could find some metal albums. Today record stores almost ceased to exist and the only store left in the island that sells metal cds is Spec's (PR as a US colony, we have american retailers) and we have Hot Topic stores as well.

The only metal store here in the island is called Odin's Court, owned by Dantesco's vocalist Erico La Bestia and there's patches, cds from well known and rare underground bands, shirts, occult and pagan jewelery, books and other stuff. The store organizes two events: Odin's Spring Metal Offering in every March and the anniversary of the inauguration of the store every August. Local bands gather to perform there and everyone takes a good time but sadly the store is far away from where I live. This is what the store looks like: https://tshirtslayer.com/actionshot/odins-court-2nd-vianda-festthrashing...

Sadly also i have to wait for a local show to take place to buy merch like patches, shirts and cds that are very hard to find elsewhere. A example is the Pulguero Metal (Metal Market) which is a mix of a metal market and local metal show that takes place two times a year. When a international band performs here, Erico and other local distributors bring their merch to the venue and recently I bought Diaboli's debut album and Judas's Iscariot's last album.

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Wait it's not normal to have a local metal shop in your countries? Here in Greece, in the center of Athens we have atleast 5 metal record stores within walking distance from each other. They are selling CDs / Vinyls / Shirts etc. One of them is even dedicated JUST to Black, Death and Thrash metal.

Nater90's picture


An ex sales rep at my work went to Greece couple years back with his Mrs (she's Greek) and said he seen all them shops, He bought himself a Pantera shirt from memory...

RandyIsShit's picture

Yeah where I live in Florida, I can only buy CD's at a store in the Mall called FYI that only sells regular Heavy Metal bands. No patches. I mean we have Hot Topic, but being Hot Topic they don't have a wide selection.

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I live in the valley(los angeles) theres a store at the burbank town center mall called red zone. go there all the fucking time, great selection of shirts, half the wall is metal of all kinds, lots of black metal shirts pretty basic though, and the other half of the wall is punk. got patches and some vests too. incase anyone went there they are moving to a different store in panorama city

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In the Boston area we have Armageddon Records and CDs they have a Cambridge location and a rhode island location which I think is in Providence.

Lotta used stuff its punk/metal vinyls and CDs, they got some patches every once and awhile, LOTS of pins, pretty good t-shirt selection and the staff is usually really nice never had any trouble so I always make sure to buy a few things whenever I visit.

The only other place to really get CDs is Newbury Comics which isn't really good selection wise at all. We used to have the chain FYE closer to me and they generally had a really good selection but unfortunately most of those closed.

This one is obviously one I probably won't get to visit again but there was this tiny rock and roll/metal store in Reykjavik that I bought some Hammerfall shirts at and they were just all this stuff shoved into one room, I loved that place and visited it a few times during my stay in Iceland.

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I was just about to say this! Armageddon is great. I live near their Cambridge location but it is worth it to make the trip to Providence once in a while!

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In South Jersey there's a shop called Underground. It's more punk than metal, but their selection is great.

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Black and Read in Arvada Colorado takes quite a bit of pride in metal and the local denver community. The only thing worth anything in that town.

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If anyone is ever in Amsterdam. The vinyl store that offers the most 2nd hand metal by far is "Amstel Antiques" not too far from Rembrandt Square.

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In Berlin there are / were some nice Metal stores, but I only remember one by its name and that's Folter Records. They were specialized on Black Metal, Death Metal and Grind, but that's ages ago and I fear this shop passed away several years ago.

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