Leather Jacket Sizing

Tue, 12/06/2018 - 22:39

Trying to figure out sizing for a Schotte Perfecto. Couple of questions:

1) Should I be able to easily put my arms in the pockets of the jacket? For one, the pockets are a bit higher than I am used to - at the bottom of my ribs, while for another the pockets are a little lower.
2) How much slack should there be at the arms, for one of the jackets there is a bit of room around the arms, so my arms look bigger than they are, for the other the arms are more form fitting.
3) Jacket length? For both they come down to the top of my pelvis. Neither really goes down beneath that... is this sizing right?
4) Slack in front when zipped up? They both have just a bit of slack when zipped up, but it would be great to hear your thoughts on this.

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