KRUKH - featuring Markov Soroka and Shawn Eldridge

Tue, 02/01/2018 - 05:54


Wondering if y'all have checked out the new song from Krukh, and project featuring the great Markov Soroka (Tchornobog, Aureole, Slow) and Shawn Eldridge (Death Fortress, ex-Disma, ex-Funebrarum). Tchornobog's S/T is one of my top 10 favorite albums of 2017 and Eldridge is one of my favorite drummers so naturally I'm a big fan. What are your thoughts?

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  • Stunning!
  • Hahahaha, Fuck yes, Love it. Funniest thing I've heard about Princess Di's passing, Snow Patrol played at the
  • Most welcome bro, Fuck oath, haha know the feeling impulse buying at it's best.
  • Ah nice, Fuck yeah, Still need to get myself a Fallen Angel of Doom patch, Such a masterpiece. Could always track down
  • i need this
  • fire as fuck boi
  • Welcome. Oh nice!!! Could you take a closer pic please? Would love to see the details.
  • Why?
  • Do you have anymore stashed Type O patches? I'll go see your Mum and pinch em :D
  • Most welcome :) Third favourite for me personally, Lost Paradise, Shades of God, Gothic, And you?
  • Thanks bro, Me too, Worn it quite a bit haha, Still in disbelief I got to experience the tour.
  • Thanks brother!!!
  • Thanks bro, Yeah I prefer the other design myself, Shipping for a shirt would be $20 or so...The Something In The Mail w
  • Thanks Doc!
  • Haha true, Katatonia, enough said!
  • Jealous!!! No doubt, I've got some live material, Would've been amazing to hear live in person though.