Kreator & Vader Australian & New Zealand Tour

Thu, 20/04/2017 - 04:35

Saturday 2nd September - Auckland
The Studio
Tuesday 5th September - Perth
Thursday 7th September - Adelaide
The Gov
Friday, 8th September - Melbourne
170 Russell
Saturday, 9th September - Sydney
Manning Bar
Sunday, 10th September - Brisbane
The Zoo

Event date: 
Saturday, September 2, 2017
Event Country: 
Who is going?
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This is a heavy metal wet dream.


you seem to like vader, I have not listen to them. what 3 albums should I check out ?

I love Kreator. Seen then the last 2 times they were in Australia. their show with Death Angel was fucking sick!

i got tix to the melb show. 2017 has been not to bad for metal



Two mighty fine bands that I want to see, Couldn't make it to Kreator's last tour.

I'm trying to save for a new car but I fucking need to see this.


will not see a better line up...finally get to see Vader.


You got that right mate!!! Would love to meet Piotr and finish our conversation haha, I interviewed him on the phone for over 25 minutes, He's a really great guy!

Keen as fuck to see both but especially Vader.


Yeah, been talking Vader for sometime now...finally happening, going to be great, Vader tour shirt will be a must.


Nice nice, Of course mate!! One of every design haha.


Saw Kreator last time but never have seen Vader and really want to see them. So exited about this I finally get to see Vader!


Same, seen Kreator a few times to get the gist, Vader is one of my bucket list bands to see, and seeing them with Kreator...even better.


Nice one! Finally get to see Vader!


Bloody Oath.


shit! Kreator! i might have to go to this and hopefully i can fucking walk by then....i dont know Vader.


if you like Kreator then you will more than likely enjoy Vader, hopefully you are walking by then mate.


Just printed my ticket.

This is going to be sick.


yeah. got mine as well, been smashing the Vader tunes since.



Been cranking Paradise Lost a lot lately.

our birthday TSS 10th Birthday is coming in


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  • Thanks, friend! Somehow i need to add Manowar though, this cannot be discussed unfortunately...
  • I bought one of the first two albums on a flea market. Back at home I recognised this patch was inside!
  • WOW!!!
  • Yeah Ive noticed they're attracting one hell of a fan base already... could happen sooner than later.
  • fucking sick album!! never gets old!! More Wine, Dirty Money, Tell Someone Who Cares all good tracks!!
  • On a related note: I think the backside of your jacket looks awesome as is. I don't think you need to ad anything.
  • Nice!
  • Super!
  • funny, i just listed their EP.. good old USBM days.. :)
  • I want one!!!
  • Wow! Full flames ofc!
  • Great man!
  • Der ist mega geil, woher haste denn?
  • Sehr geil!
  • Thanks :)
  • True that man, I never got to see them live...


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