Knocked Loose - Spring 2019 Tour

Godzilla_MetalheadFri, 25/01/2019 - 06:44

I've been wanting to see this Knocked Loose for a while now, but their last tour came out of no where and I wasn't all that crazy with the line up at the time. Especially playing alongside Beartooth which sound like former scene kids trying to fit in the hardcore scene in my opinion.

This time around however, they are playing with a few favorites of mine in terms of the hardcore/metalcore sound. Harms Way and Sanction are the other supporting bands I am looking forward to seeing. Also, because I have seen Harms Way before co-headline for TERROR so they've grown on me ever since.

Also, The Acacia Strain and Higher Power are also playing with Knocked Loose on this tour but I've not to familiar with the these two.

Event date: 
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Event Country: 
United States
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  • Slayer is my favorite. Idk. I've had that left hand path CD.
  • Nice, first? Really? How come?
  • Most welcome, Wicked! One of my favorites too, watch it once a year haha.
  • Thanks,bro! It is my favourite movie!
  • Immolation is like my 2nd favorite band. I can't get into Entombed.
  • Most deffinantly check out Cancer - Death Shall Rise, and Seance - Fornever Laid To Rest.
  • Had a feeling you'd like this one!! Thanks mate! Hope to find the CD for a good price soon..
  • Immolation - Dawn of Possession (have a kutte with backpatch of it) Entombed - Left Hand Path Deicide - Deicide Dea
  • Thanks for the promo dude!
  • Ah fair enough mate, yeah keen to see them as a headliner, they kicked ass as support for Mayhem in 2014.
  • Obituary CD'S is hard to come by.
  • I have yet to listen to any of them. I heard good things about Cancer, but I haven't listen to them.
  • Which ones? And thanks
  • Nice
  • Indeed! The synth sound effects at the beginning of "Turbo" was like nothing I had ever heard before.
  • Being from SoCal I think I’d feel his music a little more


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