Italians. Is Hour of Penance big in your country?

Thu, 16/03/2017 - 00:18

I mean "big" as in death metal scope. Italy's always been behind in the game, but certainly picked up in the past decade. Especially in the stoner realm. Hour of Penance seems to me the most technical and refined of anything in the tech or brutal DM that Ive heard from Italy since I started listening in 90.
Are these dudes like the country's flagship tech death band amongst the Italian fans?
I also am guessing northern Italy isn't as big into metal in general as the south probably?


Nice question, Always wondered what others think, because there is only 23 total posts here for them.

I personally think Paradogma is an amazing album! Really amazing live too for that matter.


No shit, paradogma seems to be their most discussed album. Im lucky I heard that first. Not that the other stuff is bad. Just that I know they have an album that went over the hump


They are definitely quality but I personally think Fleshgod APocalypse is the leading Tecg Death band from Italy.


I'm not really into newer death metal bands but I would say Fleashgod is the leader band here with dozens of gigs all around world, there are many good death metal bands like Devangelic, Putridity, Antropofagus, Logic of Denial, Xenomorphic Contamination, and many more that I dont know if they are still active.... my top fave is early Gory Blister.


Yeah, there is definitely enough bands to really be is own scene. was more interested to see what direction italy was going in death metal as they just have not been onboard like the rest of Europe over the years


well, nowadays most of the people are full of shit and they dont care too much about music.... there are some great musicians today but they will never have a right reward for his job.... by the way try to listen Bloodtruth and Ade from Italy, I'm sure you will love them


I'd say they're definitely up there in terms of brutal tech death, but I do feel Hour of Penance is somewhat overlooked in the metal world, they haven't really changed their sound much but Paradogma and Sedition are two of my favorite brutal tech death albums.

Not to hijack the thread, but I'd like to add Hideous Divinity in here as well, featuring ex-HoP members, they're on the rise at the moment.


Right, they are a really put together band that's why I wrote this. Paradogma was the lp that did it for me. I don't listen to tech death as much as I used to 10 years ago, but they sound high caliber on at least a couple albums


On a side note as far as Italians go, The vocalist for NECROT is from Italy and I think they are the best death metal band coming out of they bay area and probably the west coast Usa


Not really a big thing,unfortunately,they played in my town like a month ago and not many people really showed interest

Are they more famous elsewhere?


Ive never seen them in the bay area to know how big they are here, but I would imagine they would come through as we have a solid death metal scene outside of thrash.


Ah sorry but you where wrong,the south is even less interested in metal,in the northern part there is a bit of interest (not enough imo) but in the south nearly no,there is only 1 "international" festival (agglutination) and really few small gigs...sorry for them

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