Is it a good idea to wear a bulletbelt these days ?

Sat, 05/08/2017 - 18:28

With the recent onset of terrorist attacks across the world and especially Europe, do you think it's wise to walk around with an ammunition belt ? We all know that the actuall bullets in a bulletbelt are useless and can't be fired, but with all police/military security forces on high alert for any suspicious movement or potentially dangerous situation, I think it really not a good idea to wear one. Also did you have any trouble at a festival because of a bulletbelt ? When I saw Slayer live at Bulgaria last year, the security staff (who probably was not very familiar with the metal culture) that searched eveybody at the entrance of the stadium was very suspicious with my bulletbelt and almost didn't let me pass through. Have you heard or experienced any similar situation ?


too many people watching too much crap news/media


yeah i think its a lot of paranoia fed from media, i wear mine and never got attention for it, albeit i do not go to malls, popular stores or restaurants so i never really am exposing it to many strangers

An Overdose Of Mkultra

I wear mine in public but not to shows... fuck security

Ravishing Grimness

Me and my brother went to a show couple of years ago,with my brother and i wearing both bulletbelts,except the police at the trainstation noticing the bulletbelt at my bro's he was stopped for.Claiming that it was totally innocent they let us go.All in all they could in worst case give us a ticket.


f**k...why not?


And this is in America, wouldn't Europe have stricter policy?


Hello from Europe. No problems here.


Did you bother to read the whole article? ' all charges were eventually dropped'


Yes all charges were dropped, but the bus he was riding was stopped, caused the riders to panic, the police were called, took him into custody and forced him to appear in court, that's kinda a bother in my opinion


not his fault people are idiots


Depends on how big the show is. If it's a small little thrash show in a good venue then I would wear mine. I once wore my bullet belt to an airshow in 2015, and the army guys liked it.


Maybe if you had a gun with your bullet belt. I don't know if I'd wear one to a large show with tight security, you gave a Slayer show as an example and when I saw them there was a metal detector set up at the door, but small shows with more lax security should be fine.

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