IRON MAIDEN vintage jersey priced at U$2,399.99 (The Beast in New York)


Whenever I see obnoxious prices like this ebay I just think, but who's really gonna pay that?


The dumbest thing is that it is a FAKE jersey.
Digital print from Thailand last year. Look closely at the Maiden logo you can tell its been drawn LOL.
Plus King Kong is the wrong colour.


lol. If that's true I pity the fool who ll pay that much


I am glad we have eagle eyed collectors like you to identify fakes!


Unfortunately, they don't ship in Italy.... :)


hahaha want me to get it and send it to you :p


LOL....Thank you, I just was thinkin' about it...gonna tell you later....LOL


seller is pity faggot) who will buy it for this price in sober head)


Dear Sirs,

It should be stated that Eddy has become, as has happened with Crimson Ghost, a meaningless trend-product proffered to nihilistic snowflakes by Yankee corporatists who influence every aspect of life in the West.

Lt. Gen. Forrest


This is one interesting novelty account. Please tell me you like Arghoslent.


We live in a greedy world now that idiots will always be out there trying to find the weak to prey on.


I am not the biggest Maiden fan, But bands I love more so I still wouldn't pay that much for a shirt.

Glad we got some epic collectors hear I can ask for help on when it comes to some of the so called "rarities".


Omg...........it sold for $810! Good chance the buyer won't pay up. I've seen this happen before.


Thank fuck they didn't pay. I've been sharing it on Facebook too to spread the word.
Now relisted again at $99 start.
And someone is still bidding FFS !!

Der Todesking

Ts ts ts....


I just hope he doesn't have a stash of these boots and is selling them off 1 at a time delisting the same auction...

But I guess if you're willing to drop that kind of cash without doing research, you're asking to be disappointed...

Dark Buddha

Another Iron Maiden tee? Different seller ... US $1,584.00 but you save US $216 ... no way



Yes, and to-be-sure not only bi-coastal Yankees, but more fastidiously manufactured by godless hierophants in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

-Lt. Gen. Forrest

Dark Buddha

BedfordForrest Even if legit, these prices are just silly. Yet another one US $1,275 and seller is legit.
Seems even sellers can be fooled if this Maiden tee is a boot. Why is LARGE offset on drop tag? Bootleg?
NOTE _ The COF 'Get Behind Thee Satan" tee listed on seller's site is the US pressing and about right price for the L/S, and great nick too. If not, it is best knock off I've seen knowing COF tees.

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