Iron Maiden Newcastle Event Shirt 2017

Mon, 24/07/2017 - 00:29

Desperately seeking Iron Maiden Newcastle event shirt from May 2017. Was able to get all other event shirts this tour except for this one! Happy to pay cash but also have extra Brooklyn event shirts available for trade. Please PM if you can help!


I was there but I never got a shirt because I have too many IM shirts already.


AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! You're killing me! :-(
I had a friend who went to the show to get a shirt for me, but they were sold out by the time he got there. Well, if you know of anyone with a Newcastle shirt who's willing to sell or trade, please let me know!
And there's no such thing as too many IM shirts! \m/


which newcastle? I'm from newcastle upon tyne so I can ask around for you. (if this is the right newcastle)


Hey! Thanks so much. Got the shirt recently! Really appreciate it, but all is well now! \m/

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Recent Comments

  • nice!!! they such a good band!!
  • thanks !!
  • thanks.. i like this the most of the bunch I got
  • yep rok fucking nails it!
  • cheers!!
  • Thanks!! Yeah it's awesome. I've gotten some great CDs from them as well.
  • Wow! What an amazing Design for this Special-Show!! Not really my band but I like this Shirt!!! Great!!!
  • Thank you :)
  • Thank you! :) I just added a pic with a 0,7l bottle. That one is half empty though.
  • ha ha, the sledgehammer in the top left is a fairly recent bootleg, but the other one is a real gem thats for sure. Hope
  • Wow! Very cool!
  • Amazing!
  • Good luck finding the top 4 - those are NWOBHM gems for sure!
  • Thanks! It gave me more the reason to get it haha. Always nice to see a fellow horror fan notice!
  • Very nice looking beerholder and funny video :) Won't bigger bottles fall out when you open it though?
  • Nice work buddy!


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