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Wed, 06/09/2017 - 12:17

Thought I'de kick this off


This album is the sort of masterpiece lending credibility to the very medium of sound. At times mournful, commanding, and resilient, each track stirs my soul and seizes my unconscious.

I would trade twice the dollars for this album, if I did it again. This is everything. This is the magnum opus of spirit and symbolism intertwined. Do your mind a favor and acquire this. Favorite track: Malefica.

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Ruins of Beverast are insane, got to see them live in California last year!!!

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Bandcamp is a good place to find stuff.


It is a good listen if your in the mood for some groovy porngrind. I have linked one of the better tracks

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Their new album 'Exuvia' is great too!

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Talking of Ruins of Beverast...

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Every single of Thou's releases are available for free on Bandcamp. Every single one is good.


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Classic album, but damn look at that price XD that must be some kind of joke

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Malphas is a wicked modern Black Metal band from Michigan


Sulphur Seas is a new BM band from Spain


Nocrul, a new BM band from Hungary reminiscent of Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas era


Niohoggr, a BM band from my country Puerto Rico whose sound is very similar to aussie bands like Striborg


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Zygotical is putrid Beherit/Bestial Summoning worship. It seems like there are 4 tracks squeezed into one track instead of separating the songs into 4 tracks. But nonetheless great US black metal.


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Favorite track is Blood Magic, which is the last track. I have the tape which contains the names of the tracks.

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not bad!!

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Yeah it's really primitive. The first song reminds me of Demoncy but it also reminds me of Von because of the repetition. And the second song is like Beherit/Von shit. I love it. Im pretty sure they're supposed to come out with a second demo later this year or early next year.

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wow carapax - finally something produced in STEREO hahah

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Carapax sounds like 80s Bay Area Thrash with BM shreiks.

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Stalker from New Zealand are pretty great. Pure speed metal worship.


Vandalizer from New York. Heavy metal thunder with some punk thrown here and there.

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I had checked up on Stalker from your post a few days ago - kept the tab on my browser open to buy their CD Shadow of the Sword on payday (today) but now is all sold out. Looks like I just missed out - so sad. :( But thanks for the link to this band, I really really like the sound and will definitely source their albums elsewhere!

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Gotta check out Throaat, black speed maniacs from New York!

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Sargeras, kick ass German Black Metal


Vicery, Death Metal from Serbia


Vermin Womb, brutal Death/Black/Grindcore


Wormkvlt, BM from France in the vein of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone


Utstøtt, Pagan Black Metal from Oregon


Void Tendril, recent new Death/Doom from the UK


Hegemony, War Metal from Alabama


And Kuldefølels, Atmospheric Black Metal from Argentina


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Drakonis, Death/Black Metal from Northern Ireland


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pretty good!

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The Crucifier, Old School Thrash from Greece


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Nazrak, a BM band from France that sounds a lot like old school Emperor with keyboard effects.


Like ajnin stated, bandcamp is the ultimate place to dig new stuff.

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Sarinvomit, Black/Thrash from Turkey


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Machina Baphometa, Raw Black Metal from Slovakia


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WITCHTRIAL. Awesome old school speed/thrash/black metal in the vein of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Venom, Motorhead etc. Definetly one of the best new bands I have heard recently. https://witchtrialdc.bandcamp.com/releases
Hope to release their demo in vinyl soon.

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Hellripper, Black/Speed/Thrash from Scotland


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Awesome, new black/death metal band from Massachusetts, USA.

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PLAGUE LUST, an American death metal band from Ambler, PA.

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Killer throwback thash/death metal band from Richmond, VA (USA).

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Battlegrave, Thrash Metal from Australia


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Väki, a new Finnish BM band released this majestic demo:


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  • This is fucking sick as fuck dude I love it. Only legendary Death Metal bands allowed. All hail that Sadus BP!
  • Butchered at Bedtime!!! I wish I had these infernal sheets
  • Same here, that's what Heavy Metal's all about!
  • Dig this. Looking for other trance..cherubs, fuck emos, etc. Good stuff
  • boring but midnight on black leather.. 666
  • agreed. great riffs too. thats what i want to hear in music mostly.
  • Thanks! So many great riffs, they really kicked it into high gear on that one.
  • amazing. the painkiller backpatch is truly killer.
  • one of my favorite their albums as well. cool shirt mate.
  • great tribute jacket. i like this.
  • thanks zilin! to be honest, bootleg/orig rare or not, if a patch design is okay for me, i like the patch like the suffoc
  • okay man! i'll update someday if theres another way to place the two patches. thanks for liking other parts.
  • yea cool.
  • I did indeed, got one of their black shirts and got up on stage at one point. Was a nuts show!
  • In all my years i honestly never saw this advertisement. Talk about scarce.
  • did you get to one of their shows ??


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