Inquisition-From chaos they came

Ravishing Grimness
Sat, 30/12/2017 - 11:08

Brandnew video from Inquisition


Nater90's picture

That was awesome, Can't wait to hear the new album and see em live again!

Ravishing Grimness's picture

I saw them live years ago.The stage literally was blown away.Also,met their drummer before the show.Really down to earth type

Corvus Corax's picture

Can't wait for the tour.

Joel's picture

They were great when I saw them in Oakland back in September.

TheeKvltOv's picture

To be honest it was a little strange, because I always created mental images while listening to the songs (Majestic crafted lyrics as always by Dagon). but the first time to actually see him in a video with an image of art, Dagon was glorious in the undertaking. Even though it differed slightly from the images I had built up in my mind.

VoodooChild's picture

Very great, can't wait for the new album indeed.

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  • Same thing happened to me but More on the tech side of things when I first saw Devolved touring for the Technologies alb
  • they are fucking amazing live. I never really was into grind a whole lot.
  • RIP!
  • Thanks man !!! \m/
  • Haha, you havs a point! Extreme metal in general!
  • Ha ha! Indeed.
  • Gib die Weste ja nicht weg, die ist hammergeil! Braucht man für diese Art Nieten ein spezielles Werkzeug?
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  • Yea nice pin It is from No Prayer On the Road DVD cover 1990.
  • Fuck....saw these guys at our local footy club a few years ago. They were fuckin fantastic!!!
  • Isn't that most death/black metal??
  • Fantastic. \m/
  • cheers mate
  • I missed out on this shirt not too long ago. Very nice artwork! Just a pity there's nothing on the back.
  • Fantastic collection! Very nice!
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