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I'm deleting the entire ACTIONSHOTS department

Tue, 20/08/2019 - 11:01

Hi all

After what I saw at Metallica this week, I'm planning on deleting the entire actionshots section.

I'm completely SHOCKED at what I saw, 65,000 people waving their phones around and contributing nothing

When I look on tshirtslayer, I see people taking photos from THE FUCKING FRONT ROW

what the fuck.

I remember when the first 50 rows of people or so were purely for moshing and ENJOYING YOURSELF

I can't... take it... anymore

And now, all I see here is the same idiots I saw at metallica, which should have been a great show, even the band seemed totally bored with the crowd. 70,000 crowd and the crowd was COMPLETELY silent, I didnt see ONE FUCKING PERSON moshing, just people waving their phones around.

I don't want to encourage this behaviour, look at what social networking has done to you, it's MODIFIED YOUR BEHAVIOUR.

- Sometimes funny photos
- Huge dumps of photos that no one looks at, usually from the first 10 rows or so
- Usually people are too lazy to read the page correctly and inadvertently upload their tshirts to actionshots
- Encourages idiots to wave their phones about

When I'm BEHIND you, I don't want to fucking see your phone, because it takes MY ATTENTION off the band, and I automatically focus on your phone, whilst you are waving your phone about YOU ARE NOT ENJOYING YOURSELF

so fuck it, I dont think we need actionshots here anymore

(PS: I have another big section coming up, that will be a lot more fun! without the narcisstic bullshit!)

here's a typical example, uploaded just this week.

I drew this up last night....

After some deep thinking, I've come to the conclusion that social networking and smart phones has modified our behaviour, so that we take photos of these events purely for the spectacle of seeing the event, not actually because - as we used to be - be a part of the event.

And you know what? I can guarantee you, that you NEVER LOOK AT THOSE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS, very rarely, and yet you totally ruined the experience for everyone behind you, total fucking shit.


What's your opinion??

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