I emailed 80 top sellers to ask them to become a Patreon and not ONE bothered to help..

Wed, 18/01/2017 - 09:09

Hey all

Just a bit of an insight into what's going on lately

Yesterday I ran a report to search for users who were not yet supporters - who had atleast 20% of their items for sale - and who also had 20 or more items uploaded for sale.

I found about 80 members in this category, who appear to be earning some nice income selling their items here but are not supporters.

Then, I checked the current members and discovered that roughly the same number (75) are members when they are not even trading or selling many items, just for the love.

So it turns out that - people who are interested in earning a few $ on the side selling their items are NOT interested in being a tshirtslayer supporter, and the guys/girls who love the site, that are not selling their items are 100% MORE LIKELY to become a supporter, insane stupid situation

The members who are supporters for love of the site are almost 100% supporting the guys who are here to make a few dollars, this is not a good situation.

Yesterday I emailed all of those people in the first case who SHOULD be supporters, and you know what ? not *ONE* become a supporter, and I got only one reply from a guy complaining that I said it costs about the same as a beer (or more if you can afford it) a month to support tshirtslayer

I'm learning some very hard sad lessons about running a community here.

Uploads from those guys who are here to make a few dollars represent just 2% of the site content.

Expect big changes soon!


That's so fucked....

Just put my donation amount up.


thanks buddy! i was experimenting with replacing your sword with a dildo but couldnt find the right pixel art!! :)


Most welcome cobba! Hahahahaha you cheeky gitt, Feel to play around ;)


Again - I am more than willing to put up for auction here a piece of jewelry (sterling silver) I made - and that the money from the sale will be paid directly by the buyer to the site account as my supporter fee - then I will post the item to that person, how about that Doc ?
I got no pay-pal and no credit card - so this will be the easiest way for me.


too hard for me to a manage right now, i really just need those people who are selling items and making a profit here to be supporters


Please let me know when.


Hey man

I decided to pledge 10$ not sure how many months but will see. :)


thanks a bunch! yeah, whatever you can afford! thanks!


I've now added a restriction for the top sellers that you must become a supporter, please don't argue with this, I simply cannot afford to keep TShirtSlayer running whilst you guys are making a few extra bux on the side selling your merchandise


Right on Doc - the least they should do back for the site.


Fantastic idea!!


Great idea!


Supporting this 100%



Into Glory Ride

Puh, sad picture really!

So i understoof it correct, that for being a seller You have to be a supporter from now on?

I would donate more, after all i made some money here and just love the site apart from that. But at the moment it's just not possible, all i can do is the Minimum right now...


Only "busy" sellers

Into Glory Ride

I see. I would even understand the step to do it for sellers in general, really.


thats so fucked man. thanks for all the hard work you've done with the site. i hope enough of us can come forth and really show our support.


Hey, Doc.

It really sucks to hear about the current situation. I made a pledge earlier today.

In no way do I wish to insult your hospitality. Thanks for all the hard work you do.


its no problem really :) great to have you here!


Dĕkuji. Thanks for helping me feel welcome. :-)




i don't drink piss anymore...but for the price of a schooner or 2 per month im so happy to comment and stare at metal merch....so ummm...how do i give alittle more to get that dildo next to my name...


Well...Since you mentioned it....



haha...that just made my lunch break, looks like ive got the perfect soundtrack to my warm shower tonight...haha killer, where did fine music like this go?


Haha, Glad to help. Just on lunch break too.

I like progressive when showering.

Sadly the musicians got old and died or retired....Would love to see some of the 60s/70s/80s classics...


hey guy, i havent yet read this thread or even your entire statement.. i am very anxious to say at one point i attempted to make a donation and didn't recieve a sword.. i'm not sure if the payment was recieved and at this time, anyone who knows me can tell you, my finances are in the absolute toilet and i can't make a donation although i very much apreciate this site and i feel like we should all contribute expeciately if we have used the site to make money...

i notice i didn't recieve a message from you though... i promise i will support the site as soon as my finances improve.

thank you for what you do, it's an amazing site.

Der Todesking

So, to become a supporter, I have to sign in on Patreon & donate $5 monthly, right? (Want to become a supporter)


yeah or 3.50.. 5 is great if you can afford it! just follow the prompts, you need to use the tshirtslayer signup link https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?patAmt=5.0&u=2519997 and follow the special step at the end

Der Todesking

Done! Thanks!


... Since the changes, just 1 person (Pandemoanium) hit the limit and paid up, so far, no other users who are very active here trading have contributed anything.. sad situation.. i really cant afford to keep going like this

Into Glory Ride

This is really fucked up.
And it reflects the general mindset most people have. Anything should be for free, as fast as possible and without effort, especially if it's "on the internet".


You've nailed how society has become, good old school values are becoming extinct, the ability to give without want does not seem to be around anymore.

Chemical Burn

I actually did right after I saw the email, I just never claimed the sword. Do you have to do that?


ahh.. yeah theres a step at the end to follow which grants you the sword.. PM the email address you used to patreon and i'll grant you the sword if you like, thanks!!

Chemical Burn

Would I be restricted without it? I don't really feel like it otherwise.

BTW, my account is nearly four and a half years old and I've only listed most of my stuff for sale in the last 6 months or so. And I didn't do that to make loads of money off the site, I did it because I'm planning on moving to a smaller place soon and won't be able to keep most of it. Better that it goes to people who want it than Oxfam or a landfill.


thats the rules sorry

Chemical Burn

I just messaged you my email and user name.


if you get a TSHIRTSLAYER tattoo you can be a member for life.. :D



Into Glory Ride



What if I get one on my butt and post an actionshot? haha.


Sad to see how some people take your hard work for granted - like you work for them so they can make money off the site. :(

Overactive Imagination

A world without Tshirtslayer would be horrible! I love this site and I'm happy to be a supporter :). I'm just a young kid who doesn't make a lot of money, but I don't think $3.50 a month is a lot to ask for especially for what this site does for all of us metal FREAKS!!!


+1 to everything you said!

Even though I'm not a super active member I'm always stalking the site seeing all the new shit posted and I love it so much more than any facebook group or whatever, which is why I'm more than happy to cough up the money for you Doc!


It's great to see a few more people donating something.

Thanks to those who have.


Maybe you've thought about this already, but I've never seen an Ad on TSS... Maybe that would be a good way to boost revenue?


thats one reason why tshirtslayer is so great, no ads.. :)



Fuck ads!

Der Todesking





Hi Doc, I became the supporter just now. Hail from far east metal island!!


thanks! and congrats on your winning guess game!!!!


Good stuff K :)


I'm happy to be a financial contributor to this community and I don't plan on stopping!


Blah.. so a handful of people who hit the new threshold have signed up and started contributing, but on the whole none of the people who reach the threshold have started contributing... interesting sad situation


and those members who are over the threshold, but do not wish to contribute are simply no longer uploading anything



I've been wanting to donate badly. It's just a sad fact that lately I've had very unstable income to where I haven't been able to. I feel even more bad about this due to your recent findings.

When I get a stable job once again, count on seeing my donations.

Thank you for this site and everything you do for it.


I just changed my monthly contribution to 10 dollars/month!
I hope it helps a little bit, keep up the good work Doc!


Thanks a milion! taks sa mycket !! New features coming soon!!


I don`t think that $2,5 per month is a fortune. More than that, this tss helped lots of metalheads to increase their earnings. So, shame on those who are not interested in supporting this noble cause....



An Overdose Of Mkultra

After several crazy months of card issues, switching banks, and general bullshit, I FINALLY got my sword!
Keep doing what you do, Doc. I've always spent most of my money on supporting deserving local bands and the underground metal scene in general, and I'm proud to finally add TSS to the list of worthy causes I've helped out \m/

An Overdose Of Mkultra

Guess it's my way of celebrating my three year anniversary on this rad lil site ;)


awesome! ! Welcome to the club


Doc, can you make a one time payment option?


Agreed, I'd like to contribute a bit despite the fact that I'm barely online anymore. I've been a member for 7 years and had loads of fun and a few nice trades on TshirtSlayer.

I prefer a one time payment above monthly payment aswell + I can't find anything about the terms on how to stop the monthly payment anytime.

Let us know Doc! ;-) (PayPal would be fine, no swords needed, haha)


thats a pretty interesting fact!..didnt know that....and makes a bit sad when i have to read it....
well..i pay monthly since u have introduced the system...and i think i 'sold' only 1 item...the other few items are traded..hahaha
I rly hope some of these guys u have emaild...will give u a (positiv) answer in the next few days.
Maybe some of them are just not checking their mails every day...

I love your work ur doing here and i love the page, u know that :D

Into Glory Ride

Congrats for 100 Patreons!


Hail to all the supporters!! if you like this site, throw a few bucks a month the Doc's way.


Doc got me hahaha which is no problem as i come here more than any other site to talk metal as there are some older metalheads in here that know where I'm coming from and younger dudes that like seeing these old artifacts I post,and I've done a couple of excellent trades on here on stuff I thought I would never see,so it's all worth it.


100 Patreons!!!! Fuck yeah.

Congrats Doc, & thanks to people that have become patreons to help too.

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