How many second hand metal tshirts on eBay are there?

Sat, 11/02/2017 - 17:07

How many second hand metal tshirts for sale on eBay are there?

How to find out that kind of information?

ultimately, i want to know.. how far away from being bigger than ebay are we? :)


hahaha....its a nice idea...with what u are playing in ur mind..but...i also have NO CLUE.., but would be rly interesting...yes


yeah i'm quite curious, we have about 23,000 items for sale, which includes single posts with multiple patches, so that number could be like 30,000... does ebay have more than this? and its 80% second hand old merch too..


One day we will be bigger than eBay, The Beatles, and Jesus.


we'll never be bigger than your shlong tho


That's why they call him Nater "90" hahaha


Hahahahaha :') YES!


That's a given mate! It's taught in schools, Part of final exam haha.

Chemical Burn

If you search "metal shirt" and filter out new items there are 9,308 results. Very inaccurate but I don't know what else you'd do.


yeah.. i tried searching similar things and set the option to "[*] second hand"... not sure..

the categories are really shit, its all lumped into the 'mens tshirts' section.. or hmm.. dont know

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