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How do you guys wash/clean your jackets?

Sat, 22/10/2022 - 22:06

I know that for a lot of folks it is almost sacreligious to clean their battle jackets, but I have a tendency to keep my stuff clean and orderly, including my jackets. I wear my casual jacket pretty often, so I don't like to go around smelling like death (turns out most people don't really like that).

For a while I just spritzed it with Woolite, but that stuff smells like chemicals and it's expensive, and it also has issues with actually burning holes in your clothing if you concentrate it too much in one spot.

I would like to share my method for cleaning my jacket:

I use baking soda, water, and scented oil from the Dollar Tree to make a sort of cleaning mixture that smells nice and isn't harmful to the fabrics or patches in the jacket. I then use a steamer/iron to steam the jacket and I use a toothbrush with baking soda and water or soap if necessary to clean stains or nasty spots.

I just wanted to see if anyone else had other methods for cleaning their jackets and what they were. Thanks!

Paganinfear's picture

Gotcha, i don't and never have washed my jacket. But i once did leave it on the balcony for about 3 days and the smell went away!

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

I understand you mate. I also don't like to stink and I don't really understand why some people find it 'sacrilegious' to have a clean and hygienic jacket 🤔

I have a preference for enzymatic cleaning products which are bleach free. I make a mix according to the description on the package and soak the jacket in it for about 30 minutes. Like you, when needed, I use a tooth brush to remove some 'hard to remove' stains. After the soaking I just rinse the jacket with lukewarm water and let it dry on air. My experience is that this works really well. I used this method also on used patches and gently brushing it with a toothbrush works really well.

Kathulex's picture

I just fill a larger laundry container with warm water and gentle fabric detergent and then just leave my jacket in it for a day or two. Jacket is clean, just leave it on a rack to dry out.

Faber's picture

These badboys!

Faber's picture

And a lukewarm cloth with some hand soap for the stains.

Thane's picture

I don't. Occasionally wear them in the rain though I figure that does enough

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture


Darklord's picture

I dry clean....LOL.

no karate in pit's picture

i just looked through the diary of a mad man and it says to see mr crowley he runs a cleaning service for hellraisers

Dr. Wilbur Graves's picture

I do wash them before putting on the patches. Other than that I don't. Can't be good for the patches?

Robin_lifts's picture

I don’t

ThatBillyGuy's picture

When i do I always just make sure nothing is in the pockets and that I take all my pins off

a chicken's picture

You can roll it up and keep it in the freezer to get rid of any funky odour for a while, bacteria doesn't grow below 5°c

no karate in pit's picture

febreze does the trick or just throw it in the freezer as a very wise chicken once said but i personally just dont i never have any smells but my newest one smells of cigars cause my grandpa used to wear alot back in the day before i acquired it

bestialinfestation's picture

Heard someone say to remove all of the patches then resew them back on after washing. That is if you don't have any signatures of writings on it that could go away.

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