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how do you guys feel about satanism in metal

Sat, 19/02/2011 - 08:00

ive always been curious about how metalheads actually feel about satanism in metal,ive asked some of my friends but most of em just give the stupid generic answer "fuck ya hail satan!" what do you guys really think?

Adrian's picture

Any band should feel free to express their beliefs in their music.

I don't like when bands put that kind of stuff in there just to sell albums though.

mayhempunk666's picture

your spot on

eddiethehead666's picture

we have to keep in mind that most of the bands yelling hail satan! really do not believe in the lyrics they are saying. i mean, kook at Tom Araya. He's a practicing catholic. that said, i do enjoy satanism in metal, although i am agnostic, i like that most outsiders, who have never listened to extreme metal before would be afraid of an album cover with a pentagram on it. But if you're looking for true satanism, don't look to metal, it's just a bunch of kids running around playing guitar loud and flashing the devil horns, that's not satanism it's just a shock tactic really.

mayhempunk666's picture

unless your dissection....then your a real satanist lol

whiteravenmetal's picture

"That is not satanism, is halloween" Alice Cooper(Headbanger's journey).

eddiethehead666's picture

haha yup!!! :D

no karate in pit's picture

i fully agree

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

I can't stand that shit with poser bands. slipknot poses with that shit sooo much it fucking hurts. and I think it's more of a Black Metal thing..... I don't care about Bm so whatever

PowerThrashingDeath's picture

It's pretty lame... trying to be as evil as possible, but i'd doesn't bother me if they do it. as long as the music is good..

Bayernpirat's picture

Du bezahlst für ihren Segen
Für die Angst vor dem Tod
Dein Geld hält sie am Leben
Gibt ihnen ihr täglich Brot
Du hängst an ihren Lippen
Und du glaubst dass du sie brauchst
Dann klammer dich an sie
Bist du verfaulst

Ich scheiße auf die Kirche
Ihren Pabst und seinen Segen
Ich brauch ihn nicht als Krücke
Ich kann alleine leben
Falls du das nicht kannst
Ja, falls du ihn brauchst
Werde mit ihm glücklich
Doch zwing mir nicht deinen
Glauben auf

Zensur und Moralismus
Ist alles, was sie bringt
Eine halbe Erlösung
der Himmel stinkt
Und du willst für sie sterben
In ihrem Namen
Für die Kirche
Für ein Amen

Ich pisse auf den Pabst
Und seine römische Zentrale
Auf den Vatikan
Und seine Sklaven
Ich glaube nicht an seine Worte
Ich bin doch nicht bekloppt

Bayernpirat's picture

a song from the "BÖHSE ONKELZ" called Kirche

NoneFuckingHeavier's picture

!!! schon lange nicht mehr meine kapelle - aber die worte können immer noch was.. - satt gehört;-)!

meaningless's picture

einer der geilsten songs den die jungs raushauten :D

Tuber's picture

Lemme guess; this song is about churches - mocking them and pissing all over Vatikan, the fast and the holy word? And Teufel means "Satan", "brauchen" means "to break" and Gott means "God".
Expressions like "täglich Brot" and "Zensur und Moralismus" are pretty easy to understand if you know English :D

kiwidamo's picture

Makes for good lyrics I take it with a pinch of salt.

Skunkspritz's picture

In reality, most of those bands who sing and use it's imagery are not satanist, they use it for the shock value.

So in other words, its just all fun and games. It doesn't bug me. I think every group likes to incorporate shock value into their stuff.. seems like satanism is for metal xD

Hungry_Mosher's picture


Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

Eh, whatever. I pefer occultism. Satanism is just reverse psychological christianity. I got out of it when i was a young lad and i discovered theres more to evil than satan. Also depends on each individual opinion of what satanism is.

mayhempunk666's picture

i agree with you for the most part, our only real divide is that i prefer paganism lol

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

Thats good too, depending on what your personal beliefs are.

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Someone who claims to be a Satanist only makes it really difficult for anyone to take them seriously. Anton Lavey died a bankrupt junkie in a flop house, like many other famous Satanists who have made similiar stupid decisions. Usually, crude, violent, unintelligent people are attracted to Satanism by promises of power and "freedom". Satanism in metal is a fucking joke. That doesn't stop some of them from making good tunes though.

mayhempunk666's picture

i disagree, with using lavey as an example. the church of satan is just a group of extremist atheists. ive me a few theistic satanists who actually live very happy lives and feel fulfilled

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

I guess using Lavey was a bad example. What I mean is that most people, maybe not your friends, are completely doing it to be hip.

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

I think lavey is a prime example of bullshit satanism. Before he died, he repented his sins against the christian church and asked for forgiveness. If you want to know how the cos (church of satan) really is, watch the dethklok episode i think called religionklok.

mayhempunk666's picture

the church of satan is the biggest joke created since catholicism

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture


ThatzNOTmetaL's picture

For most bands its just imagery but for those bands who are real satanists who gives a fuck after all metal is about doing what ever the fuck you want


I think it's alright. Most days I just want to listen to some border line shit that would make my mom open her eyes WIDE AS FUCK so I listen to Deicide, Venom, early Bathory, Dark Funeral, early Slayer, and lots more. And on other days I just prefer other subjects so I listen to Dio, Nuclear Assault, Warbringer, etc. However, I do appreciate Satanism in metal. It really gives it's own unique shock value to it. I always get adrenaline whenever I hear something evil as FUCK. That's what makes the competition between bands in metal. To try coming up with the most reckless lyrics about Hell, Satan, Fire, etc.

BUT... I'm an anti-religion atheist. I deny and reject all biblical and religious views and refuse to beleive in ANY higher being. If God is so fucking mighty, why can't he show his face once in a while? As for Satanism, it is misconceived as either a religion or a sign of freedom. Either way, I don't give a fuck. If Satan was real, he would be a cool guy to hang out with for sure. \m/

Kiske's picture

You're anti-religion but you only bash god, as in the christian god? While the fact that no god has shown him/herself is true, I personally do not see any point in being against religion, when it comes to normal respectable religious people. For some it just helps to find inner peace, hope, and consolation. It also gives them more to do in their life, with the whole collective community. You could compare that to how metal gives people more content to their lives, because there's this whole culture outside the music, and also music itself is important in many religions.

Sure, religion has been associated with a bunch of wars and attacks, but it's not religion that makes people do heinous things, it's heinous people that do heinous things. So I don't see why religion itself is a problem, but those fundamentalist psychopaths man, I think every sane religious and non-religious person can hate those idiots together.

I just noticed your comment is older than the bible but I'll post this anyways.

DevilzForce's picture

you might wanna read up on what christianity has done to europe in the dark ages, as well as scandinavia... your comment is invalid

Kiske's picture

Did you read what I said about normal _respectable_ religious people? Also, I was speaking of religious people in general, not just Christians.
You missed my point completely, I say your comment is invalid.

DevilzForce's picture

yes i did, and saying that ''people'' do those kind of things is really shortsighted of you to say....

Kiske's picture

Modern day Christians are not really violently forcing anyone to believe in god like they did in the past, and religious acts of violence back in the day were not always committed purely on religious purposes. When violence was heavily used in the past because of religion, it was because of a lack of understanding and knowledge, which I think we have partially reached today. There are also a bunch of religions that have never really acted violently in pursuit of conversion or god's will.

People who in this day and age act violently because of religion are in my opinion uneducated and decadent. Muslims stoning women because of the Qur'an is just ridiculous, but doesn't justify hating all religions in existence. Maybe religious views and how churches are run could in some cases be improved, but just being anti-religion is really not accomplishing anything.

Slaughter Lord's picture

very well said. Sadly most people don't think so.

MortalFate's picture

There's nothing in the Qur'an about stoning women. The irony. I think you should read the Bible with more of a critical mind.

TerrorZone's picture

most of the bands aren't really satanic annyway, just for the image. wich i'm fine with, it's a cool subject to sing/scream on!

Nostias's picture

Venom are the lads that gave us full on SATANIC METAL.
They inspired Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Possessed, Bathory and Megadeth (and all the other bands) and they all took on a Satanic vibe. Over time many of those bands dropped the theme (for better or worse) and changed.
I like it myself, Satan loves Rock and Roll so Metal is Satan's favorite music! It's all part of metal culture because of Venom.
Even Motley Crue and AC/DC crabbed a bit of Satanic action as it was part of the scene.

mayor_of_tromaville's picture

There were things about satan and satanism in metal before venom.. so no its not a part of the metal culture because of them. they did give us "full on SATANIC METAL" though I could agree with that. but they weren't the first rock band to use satanic lyrics and or imagery

lambofgodfan00's picture

I think it goes for whoever the listener is and what they believe. I personally don't mind it. It's more or less image and shock...plus it looks cool with some bands.

whiteravenmetal's picture

I don't give a shit, the only thing that bothers me is that religion or ideologies tend to divert attention of music to other things

PrinceAdam's picture

It's the same way I view songs about serial killers, zombies, partying (and unfortunately usually politics) in metal. Just cheesy fun stuff to put fast, angry and loud music to. None of those guys are satanists, and no one even knows what the fuck a "satanist" is.

mayhempunk666's picture

i disagree, there are examples of actual satanists in metal bands

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

Aye, euronymous, jon from dissection, marduk (more occultism), etc. cant think of anything else right now

Stathis's picture

George Zacharopoulos of Necromantia is also true to his lyrics

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

I think the subject of satanism has become a trend, now alot of faggot ass emo bands use pentagrams and sing about hell (instead of singing about how their girlfriends dumped them). But there are still bands who are real that i listen to, be it black, death and thrash metal.

mayhempunk666's picture


ShieldbitersValhalla's picture


Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

haha satanism has been defeated by allahism.

PrinceAdam's picture

Hell I'd say Zionism is the real the tool of devil.

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

If black metal bands want to be really evil, they should use profane pictures of allah and muhammed.

Blüdrayne's picture

I think a lot of muslim metalheads that embrace the message of anti-christianity (especially within black metal)
as hypocrites for feeling offended when those same messages are turned against Islam.

megadeth1818's picture

no joke, if those bands did something like "fuck me ALLAH" they'd probably be assassinated

Blüdrayne's picture
no karate in pit's picture


Grimslath's picture

These days I couldn't give a damn about what a band sings about, whether they believe it or its an act. I'll listen to bands that sing about any subject from Satanism to Christianity, extreme political ideologies to getting wasted every night... I appreciate the music and am happy to let the artist cover whatever themes they want. None of it changes my personal beliefs but some bands do help you to see things from a different perspective with their music and lyrics.
When all is said and done Satanic imagery etc is always going to be in metal in some form or another so accept it and get headbangin'. \m/

young_metalhead97's picture

but does anyone know is Steve Harris or Bruce Dickinson satanic or not?

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture



mayhempunk666's picture

you definitely are a young a metalhead hahahahahaahahahaha....as beefcake said the answer is no

eddiethehead666's picture

lol do they even look satanic? haha they look like the most laid back guys ever

Blüdrayne's picture

You see, the biggest problem here is the lack of a universally accepted definition of "Satanism".
This really complicates things here.

Personally, I do believe in certain values that could be considered as "Satanic" by someone with a poor understanding of Satanism.
I believe in the use of varying mythological figures such as Lilith and Lucifer as allegory or metaphor in order to better understand the process of life.
I do not believe in such figures as a literal consciousness but I do believe in them as possibly names given to natural forces or aspects of existence. For example, the Hindu goddess Kali is seen as a literal goddess to Hindus, but I understand her instead as an embodied expression of natural forces attributed to her such as chaos, death and rebirth.
Essentially, these figures are much like folk tales used to express certain messages. However I believe that the core message can be expressed without them. The core message is that of the empowerment of the human spirit in reaction to its environment, in order to achieve a position of internal spiritual strength. I do believe that some understanding of the nature of man is inherent in black metal as I define it. However it is not inherent in metal per se.

Lastly it is important to note that my beliefs mean that the onus is on the recipient to critically engage and derive an interpretation of the message. Following this thread of logic, I believe that anything can mean something to someone.
Someone else can listen to Bathory and hear recounts of horror-filled FICTION.
I can choose to instead hear the expression of Satanism in "Sacrifice".
The only real Satanism is within your heart, like it or not.

DevilzForce's picture

i love how some people here still go ''there so are real satanists in metal''
it's a GIMMICK, and people still lick it up lik a hungry pup... prime examples these days are watain...
satanists for money, keep on buying so you feel connected....
accept that satanism in metal is nothing more than a gimmick to offend and make more money

Stathis's picture

99% of what u said is true. For most bands it is just image. Very few actually have a lifestyle similar to their lyrics. Especially these newer bands like Watain. Tbh only band that comes to mind that are true to their lyrics is Necromantia.
Besides that, most good bands' topics are occultism in general or anti-christianity. Atleast what i consider good bands. (Mortuary Drape, Master's Hammer, Varathron etc etc)

TheSomberlain1995's picture

what about dissection?

meaningless's picture

hm...satan/satanism in metal...hm...
well, its totaly common in metal and many play around with the theme just for image, a few others take it serious.
I give a fuck :P i dont care if they play with satanism or be real satanist..or whatever.
...i dont care..yep :)

I WANT MORE CHICKS in the metalscene and i want MORE TITS on covers - thats a point - i care alot :D

VoodooChild's picture


DevilzForce's picture

i agree, but there is a rule of thumb on this:
any album with a naked chick on the cover is utter shit music, or so the saying goes.. i can name a couple of exceptions ;)

gizter's picture


meaningless's picture

yeah...i heard something like this too :P but i can also offer some exceptions ;P

JUANTHRASH's picture

what about death penalty by witchfinder general XD

NoneFuckingHeavier's picture

put these words under mine - ha,ha,ha - BREAK OUT!!!

DeathRipper's picture

It's a good gimmick. I pefer Norse Paganism to Satanism, but, whatever.

NoneFuckingHeavier's picture

6 FUN 6 FUN 6 FUN - imagine our metal world of pure beauty not overruled by THE DEVIL - no art with devils, skulls, horns, goats, crosses, nuns, nun´s with their body holes filled with crossed, nuns filled with one big cross, priests, priests .... you can continue....
no lyrics that fit perfect to OUR live´s soundtrack - soul absorbing metal sounds and someone comes up with lyrics about flo9wes... - it would not be the same.... i would guess the mighty tss world would have 80% less uploads!
there are some true things into the ideas behind "satanism" - behind all that outlook and words thing - but it is def. no cover up for politics, rascism, haters and killers - it is all about being yourself be free, crank up some metal tunes - and build a worldwide family, brotherhood, community- whatever - you know what i mean - HORNS UP!!!
as dark throne say on their latest record "LEAVE NO CROSS UNTURNEND"!!! - ha,ha

NoneFuckingHeavier's picture

i just got reminded that i got a pentagram with a bone hand showing the metal sign in it ´s middle inked on my wrist - mad it for my brithers wedding - i was his best man and had to hhandle the rings to the priest - was so funny when he looked and my wrist and his eyes popped out - the ink was worth the joke and it was my best way to show how much it did mena to me that my brother did choose me or his wedding best man,.... ha,ha - he thought i would start to burn when i step into the church..... AM I EVIL?????

Johnny-Eyeball's picture

I don't mind any religious mythology in metal providing it's treated as just that; mythology. Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Christian, Celtic, Satanist, whatever. All mythologies are interesting and would make good metal themes. It's just imagery. I'm not going to stop listening to a band for taking such things seriously but I would question their ability to think logically.

ManOboy's picture

im quite neutral about the whole "satanism" thing in metal.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

To me it`s more like a "punky/metal FUCK YOU" kind of thing and if you take it to serious you should get a hobbie.
Cheers boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Under-Fire's picture

Satanism? Devils? Naked Women? Zombies? Dragons? Naked She-Devils riding Zombie Dragons? It's all fun as a challenge to evangelicals/salafis/prudes, but at the end of the day, I just hail to the Metal.

JUANTHRASH's picture

Actually, I don't like it, because I am an atheist and I don,t believe in any of those stuff. Most bands just do it for more fame and shock value but that is exactly and the ones that actually believe in it are lacking in the gray matter department.WITH NO INTENTION OF OFFENSE TO ANYONE I think it's ridiculous

LaUlvenDrepe's picture

This tends to be a complicated topic for me, as simple as it might sound. I have three ways of looking at it.

Number one: I detest when bands sing about Satan just to get attention, or to sell. That is no artform, it's just plastic and false crap entertainment.

Number two: Now, when a band sings about Satanism or the occult because they are SERIOUSLY interested in the occult (yet don't actually believe in Satan) and have a certain passion for that interest... that's fine for me. It's still mere entertainment, but it comes with a price. Unfortunately, some of those bands lose that drive that they have in the beginning. Their main focus was to write music out of passion (even if it was about Satan and the occult), but somewhere down the line they lose focus. Probably because as you gain recognition and bigger fan-bases, you lose sight of your essence and your original "drive" that lead you to this art form in the first place.

This doesn't happen to all bands (I think), but yeah these are those types of bands that eventually have their music become stale, stagnant, and boring over the years. Very repetitive, if you will. I still consider these artists.

Number three: These are the types of bands that are extremely controversial, both for their music and for their beliefs that are usually shrouded in mystery and darkness. These bands are extremely rare gems. The type of bands that actually mean what they write about in their lyrics, including Satanism and Luciferian ideologies and practices. They hold their convictions proudly.

I don't agree with their beliefs in terms of religion or spirituality, but their music is fascinating. Like I said though, these bands are beyond rare and hard to come by. But they have my respect for being genuine and honest about what they feel within their hearts. These bands main focus when asked about their music is usually answered by words which most metalheads cannot relate to. A lot of these bands can still lose focus while getting caught up in the business aspect of it all, and it's a shame when it happens.

To put it in simpler terms, I feel that the music world would be a better place if more musicians wrote their art form from the heart, with all but the most genuine of sincerity. I don't care what you believe, or what you have gone through in life. Write about what you are passionate about. When too many musicians follow a blueprint it tends to become a stagnant scene for whatever genre they play.

Plague's picture

I prefer songs with Satanic lyrics. They often express what Satanism is about, but they sometimes can be misread by non-satanists and taken way too literally. I can see how someone who hasn't read The Satanic Bible or studied up on Satanism can have a hard time relating to them. For Satanists, they can be empowering anthems! Of course each person has freedom to choose what they listen to. It's not like all metal is infused with Satanism. There are choices.

sergius's picture

i think that the satanism is an immportant part of the heavy metal,is part of the heavy music since the beatles to semengoat,is part of the sound like black sabbath,im not a religius person because in México where many genocides for the blame of the catholic church,i like a lot satanic lyrics but i feel that is a part of the metal to be evil.

SpeedMetalAssault's picture

Diabolic force, occult energy
Diabolic force, live eternally

Seriously, satanism is only a part of the "show", using it to schock the good people.


"fuck ya hail satan!"

Wrathchylde666's picture

Interesting discussion. I wont rehash what most people have said about the majority of bands using Satanism as a gimmick, nor will I rehash the difference between Norwegians embracing their true ancient culture,rejecting Christianity and being mistaken for actual devil worshippers.
I will, however, say that there are a few bands who truly believe in what theyre doing. Watain may be open for debate, but Black Funeral certainly is not. Look at the website, read the material. They stand by what they say and are certainly NOT in it for the money.

VoodooChild's picture

Lord Ahriman from Dark Funeral and King Diamond both are claimed practioners of LaVey Satanism. Don't know if you count this for LaVeyism not being about devil worship.

Superblend's picture

Lyrics about satan are just that, words. It doesn't really matter to me what a band sings about as long as the music fits the bill as to what I want to listen to at that moment. As long as the lyrics are sung in a way that I like, I don't care what they're about. For example, I can't understand a single word "sung" in a Tyranny song, usually. But I love Tyranny.
As to whether or not a band who sings about satanism actually partakes in it, I'm in the same boat, if they do partake in some sort of satanism or whatever, that's cool, I don't care.
Anti-religious images and lyrical themes or anything that's shocking is done to be shocking, not for any other reason. Otherwise it wouldn't exist. Cannibal Corpse has a ridiculous name, ridiculous album art, and ridiculous lyrics. Things that draw the attention of others because of their shock value. Most bands that sing about satanism do the same things.
The more extreme it is, the funnier it is to me, and the more I like it, usually.

TheSomberlain1995's picture

i saw a couple of people on here who said there are no real satanists in metal
what about dissection or sargeist then?

DevilzForce's picture

sargeist is also a gimmick band... so is behexen before you bring that up.
dissection never came forward with their ''satanic'' imagery, this is about imagery,not what jon did in his spare time ;)

LifeOfDeath's picture

Who are you to say which band is gimmick and which band is not? You don't know anything about the people behind these bands, do you?

DevilzForce's picture

here comes the kicker;

i organize gigs ! so i actually DO know who has the gimmick bands here as i know the people behind the bands hahahah

LifeOfDeath's picture

And what kind of explanation can you provide for you statement about Sargeist and Behexen being gimmick bands?

DevilzForce's picture

wasn't that explanation enough?
i book bands, am very active within bm and i know these individuals personally, shatraug i've known for a very long time (he sent me the first demo's of sargeist)... why is it so hard to just accept that BM is a gimmick within itself? just accept it and have fun with it

LifeOfDeath's picture

You avoid answering my question. Have they personally told you that they're not satanists? I don't necessarely know about the personal beliefs of the people I know. I rarely talk about those things with people if I'm they're not very close friends of mine.

DevilzForce's picture

yes he did

MortalFate's picture

Shatraug still did take an interest in the occult. Knew him a while ago.

Don't know how serious he was about the occult but serious about enough to block me when I made fun of Crowley. He even thought it was funny.

nuclearthrasher666's picture

Deathspell Omega is one of the very few bands that can support their "satanic" image thought their music and lyrics. I dont have any problem with satanism in music , i'm atheist and I think that's the best way to express the inner darkness . But i think that satanism has become aridiculous trend especially in black metal.

andermatten's picture

he who believes in satan believes in god. so to me it's all really funny

no karate in pit's picture

satanism cannot exist without christianity
like ozzy and his band or
or sex with cum
or darth vader without his iconic breathing
or even sweet tarts without sugar
or soda without fizz
the other needs the other

andermatten's picture

yeah, thanks for the poem

slant's picture

to hell with the devil,, i listen to STRYPER !! .TRV KVLT METAL!!! yellow n black atttack!!!!..........lol

hail satan!...was cool in 10th grade...('1985 for me)...now its just redundant ..no more shock value i suppose

Blüdrayne's picture

most 'satanists' stop being that way when they move out of their parents' home.

no karate in pit's picture

yeah this satan stuff has become so stereotypical for metalheads it has actually led to many saying you can't believe in god because you wear that jacket its lead me to believe that religion is just wall between some people like a very nice satanist walks up to a christian and gets chased away and a very nice christian is bullied for worshipping god it just is dumb. i am a christian but unlike some soccer moms am not gonna attack you for worshipping satan or being a atheist its your choice i may not agree with it but no need to fight bout unless they insult my religion somehow then we but heads a little as for satanism in metal music i'm all on board i prefer satanic metal songs over the metalcore jesus bands

all this being said there are many religions in metal and thats what makes metal awesome the diversity in people and how just straight up fucking gnarly the music is
many religions but one true passion
you stay classy, tshirt slayer im rick dickgundy?

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

It’s something I don’t really consider. With music, I don’t care if you’re a Satanist, Christian, any other religion, left wing, right wing, gay, straight, fucking whatever. I just care if your riffs fuck.
Other people are entitled to their beliefs regardless of what mine are and whether I agree with them. Performative edgy Satanism looks kinda cringe though lol

MortalFate's picture

"Black Sabbath". What do people expect from metal? Purity?

Jimmy Page worshipped Aleister Crowley. Went to the extent to buy Crowley's residence.

Ben1988's picture


Turdburger's picture

Satanism, Christianity, Catholicism.. it’s all the same thing really. I don’t care if you are a “satanist” or “nazi” band as the kids call it these days.

All I know is that if you are near a church and you see hands in the air shouting satan or Jesus then get the fuck out of that church, go buy some beer and take a nap.

MortalFate's picture

What's funny is metalheads don't even realize their overloads, including the most well known record companies, follow a belief system. I won’t even go into it.

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