how did you 1st get into metal??

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 13:45

How did you 1st get into heavy metal music?? What made your head start bangin?? For myself it was my uncle playing AC/DC Back in Black record when i was 10..also couple years later an older family friend introduced me to Metallica playing me damage inc which blew my mind at the time and started me off on the more extreme side of metal ( this was 1988 so Metallica were no where near mainstream like they are now).Whats your story??

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  • Nice shirt.
  • NIce to know of some others existence :) Thanks for the bit of info there brother ! Fucking killer shirt indeed :)
  • Thats the Jay Im talking about!
  • Amazing!
  • killer backpatch. genius designer.
  • What size is it?
  • Absolutely...would be nice if the reunited...would be the perfect timing...as there is some sort of revival of the old D
  • hehe...i thought by myself...let's tease Markus a little bit hahaha
  • Lyx man, einfach nach jedem Update geil. Und richtig feiner Ranz ist auf dem Ding drauf.
  • Cool.......it's so "80's"....
  • Nice one!
  • Yes....got it pretty fast from austria :D Got it from Bob Moon at a Festival. Maybe he still has some...
  • Nice, you found that back patch!
  • I know 3 rubber patches that are missing....sadly not that easy to get. But thanks for the informations!
  • Looking good Vince!
  • Fräck som fan!
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