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Help me find this Metal Church demo from 1990

Fri, 24/07/2020 - 23:35

I've posted this everywhere, on rare metal Facebook groups, on Reddit, and on the Metal Archives forums (and planning to post it on other places as well), with no leads whatsoever, so I'm going to post it here.

Metal Archives link: https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Metal_Church/%2790_Demo/580211

This is the 1990 Metal Church demo recorded at Triad Studios, and as a huge fan of MC, I have been desperately trying to find it. The one guy my friend found that actually has it is being a pain over it, as he wants permission from the band to upload it (they declined) so this guy is no help. At one point I found a guy who used to have it but wore out the tape and threw it out. Kurdt Vanderhoof, the most plausible person to own the tape, is very secretive over his demos and most likely will not give them. My friend knows Craig Wells, who was vague about the tape. I contacted Kirk Arrington over a month ago, who has yet to reply. I have yet to contact Mike Howe, Duke Erickson, and John Marshall, but I most likely will try in these coming weeks/months if there is no other leads. At one point my friend was in contact with a worker from Triad, but he sadly did not have the tape. All that is known is that he made a few copies for the band, and that there MAY be another version with 17 tracks. There were two leads we had (one guy in California I believe, another guy in Italy) who we were told had it, but unfortunately did not.

If anyone has any leads to find this demo, or even owns it, please comment! Thank you so very much in advance!

EDIT 10/2/20: Some contacted lead updates...
Almost two months ago, I finally found Duke's email. I ended up writing to him, and surprise surprise, no reply. Still nothing from Kirk, either.
One thing I did find is John's actual address (nothing else though) so I wrote a letter to him. I haven't sent it out yet, but it's going out in the morning or afternoon. If anything comes of it, I will update, but if nothing comes in about three months, time to move onto Mike and I'll do another contacted lead update.

EDIT 1/3/21: So I've been taking a break from this hunt for a while since there's really not much more leads. But I got a contacted lead update...
I forgot about this completely, but someone in a Facebook group contacted John Marshall for me (so writing that letter was sort of a waste) and he finally got back to the guy. No new information, he said he did not have the tape and he thinks Kurdt is probably the one who has it out of the whole band, or at least the master tape of it.
There is still a chance that one of the other members has it, as John only thinks Kurdt is the only one who has it, and, of course, a good chance that someone outside the band has it.
I still need to contact Mike, I was supposed to talk to him last month but that fell through. I'm not sure whether I should just wait til next time there's a huge bundle and get a call from him, wait til Metal Church tours again and I meet him, or write to him through email or in a letter. I have to think about it.
I probably will contact Kurdt if Mike is fruitless. Next update when I contact Mike.

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