Heavy Metal Stories

Sun, 19/03/2017 - 23:24

I have been collecting heavy metal stories from people who are metalheads, In the hope of collating them and compiling some sort of book of heavy metal stories..tentatively titled AT THE ALTAR OF METAL. I am after any stories that have heavy metal as the centre of the story or stories about metal..the most common story is how a person first got into metal but i would love to hear any heavy metal stories you have to tell..these stories are told anonymously so as the story holds interest and not the person telling it..the stories i have collected so far have grouped themselves into loose categories so as i have tentative chapters being...1. Initiations Into Metal ( stories about 1st geting into metal ) 2. Heavy Metal Education ( stories about learning about metal ) 3. Horns Up For Metal ( stories about love of metal) 4. Metal Is More Than The Music ( stories about shirts merch etc ) 5. Heavy Metal Is A Winter Sport ( stories that are a bit cold and dark ) 666. To The Extreme ( out there stories ) 7. Metal Is Just Rah Rah Rah ( the critics )..if you have a heavy metal story you would like to contribute or share they would be greatly appreciated or any advice with publishing and that side of things i also would be very thankful for as i am only a dickhead metal fan with an idea and not a professional writer..can also e mail me stories at hellsenvoy666@gmail.com thanks heaps and look forward to hearing peoples metal stories...https://www.facebook.com/Hells-Envoy-1889702237954930/ link to Hells Envoy facebook page with example stories on there

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