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Fri, 04/08/2017 - 10:38

These guys are great!

TShirtSlayer recently met our Patreon goal (thanks all!) so we're now also supporting HME


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These guys are awesome!

Der Todesking

Funny guys!

Corvus Corax

Battle-Straw! Ha ha. Goofy guys. Fun stuff. I like these gits.


A lot of new work to do on my vest... I need a chip pocket...

These guys are a bit like beavis and butthead, haha...


CHIP POCKET! CHIP POCKET! CHIP POCKET! yeah, they give me the original Waynes World kind of feeling too, support them, subscribe or whatever, they are really onto something great i feel

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  • Classic! Perfect for this cold season.
  • Nice!
  • fucking awesome
  • Thnx man!
  • And there's blood upon the shirt! This is a good design that reminds me of Feel the Fire.
  • Yeah, same with me. Exactly what you said. Ive seen them twice now, and theyre way better than what Cronos is doing.
  • Ah. Appreciate it, but Im a runt. Too big. Thanks tho!
  • Thanks, I appreciate it! And yeah it was super awesome to see them live!
  • Pretty sweet.
  • Gotta approve that you sold one to me!
  • Thanks! I have several more ready and a few more on the way.
  • Fuck thatès sick
  • It came with the Tape for Dying Light, I'm not sure if you can get it on Bandcamp or not.
  • Always brutal this artwork \m/
  • Why do you keep a $20 shirt at safe box?
  • Thanks always my friend !


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