Sun, 16/04/2017 - 19:53
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Friday, April 21, 2017
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Have fun! I saw the package this Thursday, every band delivered!!! The bass player from Good was awesome to watch, i laughed my ass off! : )=


The concert was sick,I met the guitarists of exmortus,Pete Webber and David Sanchez (got my patch signed hahah)

Warbringer was of course the best,and yes the bald bassist from gorod is one hell of a funny guy


saw them in hamburg april 7th., Lost one of my shoes in the mosh-pit, banged on, found it between the gigs of warbringer and havok. hell of a show. gorod's guitarplayer was amazing, too.

our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Great backprint!
  • I know exactly what you're getting at and I agree with you. The old bootlegs are cooler and better quality.
  • The heaviest record of '86.
  • If only I could go back in time. Kreator was a disappointment when I saw them back in April.
  • Holy shit this is a rarity!
  • You mean Paul Speckmann? Cool hat!!
  • I ran out :( no joke
  • Excellent shirt!!
  • Nice one!
  • The paintings look good!
  • I sent you a message
  • send me a message :)
  • no I didnt, scary how they've got it almost monopolised!
  • All gaps have been filled, I'm trying to upload finished pics today. The finished product is for sale
  • notice a few gaps on the front that could use some attention, but otherwise perfect.
  • it will start to come together more once you balance out the bottom with something to counter the summoning logo.


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