Sun, 16/04/2017 - 19:53
Event date: 
Friday, April 21, 2017
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NISSE666's picture

Have fun! I saw the package this Thursday, every band delivered!!! The bass player from Good was awesome to watch, i laughed my ass off! : )=

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The concert was sick,I met the guitarists of exmortus,Pete Webber and David Sanchez (got my patch signed hahah)

Warbringer was of course the best,and yes the bald bassist from gorod is one hell of a funny guy

bronco's picture

saw them in hamburg april 7th., Lost one of my shoes in the mosh-pit, banged on, found it between the gigs of warbringer and havok. hell of a show. gorod's guitarplayer was amazing, too.

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  • Thanks!
  • Couldn’t find any official ones and it’s my favorite album by them. Had to get it.
  • Haha!
  • \m/
  • Thanks man
  • Thanks! Mine is not for trade. . .but best of luck finding one!!
  • Awesome but like most of the older Megadeth stuff on here out of my price range,specially if your wanting 3 figures for
  • i'd be happy to trade every patch i have listed if you want them.,it's alot.
  • wish i had something to trade you.
  • Thanks
  • I agree. Picture perfect masterpiece!
  • Sick.
  • I totally want one!
  • Out fucking standing work. Pockets usable, layout is clean and actually thought out, just overall a great vest.
  • I love the unassuming simplicity of the logo on the front of the white T, while the back graphic is basically a shout-ou
  • best thing about a white vest it seeing it discolor
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