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Happy Birthday DoctorDeath

Thu, 07/07/2022 - 07:14

Dear 'Doc, I raise my horn to you.
Celebrate your birthday like hell.

DoctorDeath's picture

Danke schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!! \m/

Lord Cthulhu's picture

All the very best for a kick-ass day, Doc! Thanks for all you do here :o)

DoctorDeath's picture

thanks lorde!

morke's picture

Happy Birthday !!!

DoctorDeath's picture

thanks morke!

Doomgarlic's picture

Happy birthday Doc!!! Enjoy your day! Hope the weather's fine so you can have a couple of cold ones and perhaps some great food outside.

DoctorDeath's picture

Thanks doomy!!!

Comella77's picture

Happy B-day !!!!!!

DoctorDeath's picture

fuck yes! thanks! grazie!

bad_american1992's picture

Happy birthday to the Doctor himself! I hope you have a great day with many beers included \m/

DoctorDeath's picture

Cheers badass!

Antonio's picture

Happy Birthday from Italy !!!!!

DoctorDeath's picture

Hey mate!! yes!!! grazie!!!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Happy Birthday , Grandmaster!


DoctorDeath's picture

ha! thanks! \m/

Streptococcus's picture

Happy birthday doctor death thanks for all you do with this website. Go crack some cold when with some good friends, have some good food, and enjoy your birthday!

DoctorDeath's picture

thanks strepto!

meaningless's picture

Happy B-Day Doc!!!!!!! I wish you all the best and everything u wish for ur own! Btw...i still wait for a review of ur Blacksmith festival!!! ;)

Bayernpirat's picture

Dir alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag

meaningless's picture

kein Thema, bin auch nicht mehr der schnellste..haha...vielen dank, ganz lieb von dir :)

DoctorDeath's picture

thanks man!!!! :)

sfusyron's picture

Happy birthday Doc Fear no Beer..

DoctorDeath's picture

Tits your birthday 8)


zilin's picture

Happy Birthday! Doc!!!

DoctorDeath's picture

Hey buddy ! thanks :)

GoreGrinder666's picture


DoctorDeath's picture

Thanks grinder!!!

Micha80's picture

Belated Happy Birthday!

DoctorDeath's picture


Hárbarðr's picture

Cheers doc, thanks for everything!

DoctorDeath's picture


CEROXER's picture

salu, may...un año mas viejo.....

DoctorDeath's picture


invisible-horizons's picture

Happy Birthday bud!

DoctorDeath's picture


DocRotten's picture

Happy belated B-day & all the best 4 ya, Doc. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeerz

MelFromHell's picture

Belated happy birthday Doc 🍺. I hope all's well love

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