GWAR - Australian tour 2018

Thu, 21/12/2017 - 10:15

Tuesday, 24th April
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Thursday, 26th April
Metro Theatre, Sydney

Friday, 27th April
170 Russell, Melbourne

Sunday, 29th April
HQ, Adelaide

Event date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Event Country: 
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Man no Perth. This has got to be one of the few times I'm considering going to Adelaide for a show.

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it sucks if a band you like does not come to your city. I dont know how much flights are but if you can get a cheap one it might be worth it. I guess it depends how much you like Blöthar

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Prefer their older stuff, Haven't got ticket yet...

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Recent Comments

  • Hahaha, Acid rock eat your heart out.
  • Got my glow-in-the-dark paint ready. It'll be like one of those fancy light show concerts. LOL
  • Sucks they broke up....amazing band, never got to see them. Fantastic shirt.
  • Go fourth and windmill!!!!
  • And here I was trying to figure-out what to do for my Sunday...
  • Hahaha, I was thinking on your cheeks, Never tried windmilling with your downstairs mix up to Cannibal Corpse in the bat
  • Chin balls, eh? Could you imagine what that would look like whilst head-banging?
  • Oh man that would be epic as hell to see Darkspace!!
  • Sure thing! I'm Hoping to hit a few concerts. I'm eyeballing the Maryland Death Fest.
  • Igor was so nice to me when I met him. Bet he was quite happy to meet you to ;)
  • Mission accomplished! \m/
  • Now here's one of their best designs!!!!!!!!
  • Not their best design, but still rate it \m/
  • Yeah I should pull my finger out and do the same...
  • Sweet. Excited to see them. I'm slowly uploading things. I've been pretty lazy about it.
  • Oh shit my sides hahaha, You're a fucking legend! Day = made.