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A guy in Sweden gets on welfare for claiming "metal addiction" disability

FarFarNorthTue, 12/07/2011 - 23:35

Story here:


I'm torn between thinking it's a creative way of using state-controlled PC pussified rhetoric against itself to stick it back to the man, but then I'm also thinking - so what about the rest of us? Countless metalhead maniacs proudly living the life they choose and paying taxes just to have some of it go to a fellow playing a metal victim?
The more I think of it, the more adamantly I am leaning to the second view.
It's kind of a betrayal against the music one loves to call it a disease. And if it's a disability as he claims, it's hypocrisy for him to go on indulging in it.
Metal way of life is about personal pride and self-reliance, not crawling back into the System's lap to leech benefits/entitlements/special treatment. More so: being a metal maniac precisely comes at the EXPENSE of special treatments and social benefits, it's a measuring stick of one's devotion to this music: how far are you willing to go, how much 'social acceptance' are you willing to sacrifice to stay true to yourself?
It's a choice proudly made, and it takes strength of character and personal responsibility to make. Playing the victim & pumping the state for benefits VERSUS owning up to oneself and proudly surviving the hard way, but with dignity intact.


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