Giving up cigs

Mon, 09/03/2015 - 00:48

I know this isn't metalrelated but I need help and figured there would be at least some ex-smokers here. I really need to quit smoking, have been smoking for more than 8 years now (since my twelfth) and the last 3 years I'm at more than 2 packs a day. I calculated that in the last 8 year it has cost me over €20.000,- and now I really need to quit asap. So anyone got some good advice, experiences they can share?
Sorry for the nonmetal topic but I need some help and there have been other nonmetal topics :)

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  • Good suggestion...i have a reverend bizarre purple patch to go on the bottom of the back @Atomicide. However more sabbat
  • Great shirt!
  • Great shirt!!!
  • Can't go wrong with Uncle Acid. How about putting some more purple patches on there?
  • superb \m/ 5flames
  • I like the back especially that Possessed logo towering above your backpatch.
  • Daniel - sadly, no. Can't afford to go to Europe.
  • great kutte. What size (cm) is that Dopethrone patch?
  • Dude thats badd ass!! I love Darkthrones crust punk/metalpunk phase.
  • How about using the F.O.A.D. patch from Darkthrone instead of their logo?
  • cheers Brother!! I kkutte has got a ways too go tho. Love toxic Holocaust, lucky enough to have seen them a few times.
  • Awesome shirt, man! Full flames!
  • that vest looks awesome as fuck, that toxic holocaust shield patch looks badass!!
  • like the stud work. Been meaning to add some to my vests. V.nice.
  • funny you should mention that Mate, I just ordered a red Baphomets blood patch for the bottom.
  • That De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas looks great in white
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