German users, Looking for some guidance!

Sun, 05/02/2017 - 18:38

Hi everyone!
I'm going to be travelling around Germany in late May to mid June. Looking for suggestions of places with cool local metal scenes, shops, shows or whatever would be worth it for a Canadian girl to check out!

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you must come to prague! really great metal pubs here and lots of shows!

where in germany? its a huge country!

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I'll be flying into Frankfurt and ending there to stay with friends a few days. Definitely planning on checking out Berlin for a day or two. Looking to see as much as I can given my time frame! Prague is definitely on my list too!

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berlin is a must! plenty of good metal pubs, venues and shops there too

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Ruhr area (Essen / Oberhausen etc.) is also always worth a visiting. Hamburg as well...

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Thanks a bunch!

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Ah wonderful, thanks Doc!

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Oi! I haven't seen your profile around here for years!...or maybe you were just lurking.
You're really hitting Germany at a bad time of the year imo...well, it seems the South is rather white right now (?).
The North is grey and wet all the time, so not really something worth enjoying up here, just my two cents.

But to contribute something useful, check out Bamberg.
Just drank a smokey beer from Bamberg yesterday, but I couldn't stand the taste.
Many people seem to dig it though and beside that, it's an old city with a lot of tradition.


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Ayyyoooo I'm back haha. Unfortunately I won't be able to take holidays over the summer, plus it's cheaper for me to go in May/June, or else I'd definitely be going when things start heating up so to speak. Next summer I plan to return for sure! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Haha, you should like beers like Guinness and the taste of Bacon otherwise Rauchbier (smokey beer) won't be your Cup of tea. And where the fuck did you get Bamberger beer in the North? o_ô

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It seems there quite some shops around here, who sell that kind of beer.

But I haven't heard of smokey beer before. On Saturday, I wanted to try a bunch of unknown German beers and bumped into a smokey beer. When I was back at home, I smelled it (...), took a sip, went to the sink and was all like...

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Last year my friend was in Germany and he brought few beers for me, as a gift. One of these was Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen. I was really happy about it, I gave it a few tries, 5-6 sips and that's all. Then I checked the date on it and saw that it expired, for almost 2 months already... It's not strange, we supposed to meet after he got home from Germany but we met almost 5 months later. I did exactly the same thing like you did on that link.
Will give it a proper try when I visit Germany this year. The one I tried tasted like a filthy ashtray...

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Yeah, that's exactly the smokey beer/Rauchbier, in the beginning it's somehow like the unholy child of a beer and an ashtray. XD Just give it some time and get just to the taste. Last time I had one it was written on the bootle that normally you need to drink some beers before you start to enjoy it. If you can't imagine to like it at all, just stay away from it, Bamberg is in Franken/Bavaria so there are beers to get wasted. :3 (Jesus fucking Christ, I shouldn't post before the 1st cup of coffee, too many typos.)

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Hahah, hopefully I'll find it this year since I'll be in around Schlotheim because of Party San. Will give a chance to several bottles, no problem there! The only problem would be to find them in that region though. But I will probably drive through Bamberg, so I could stop for a beer and bratwurst!
Last year I really enjoyed the beers in Schlotheim, so tasty and so cheap! I bought a crate of Turmbläser, a carton of Edel Kellers and 6x1L of FAXE cans (10% alc.) for home use. Those beers are delicious!

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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

You can search for shops in Germany, who offer that certain beer (outside of Germany as well).
That way you're not forced to visit Bamberg. ;)

PS: Ashtray pretty much fits. :P

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UPDATE: Gave it another try and carefully checked the expiring date first. The first (big) sip wasn't that bad. I wasn't even shaking. It sure was interesting how the taste changed and what the final taste was like...even captured it on video to describe each step of taste. :P So maybe, just maybe the first one was indeed expired, But that beer will never become a beloved favorite. I sure like the dizzyness of it though. Feels smooth.

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Good tip! I'm in love with Bamberg! There is an active rock/metal scene as well, but much is going on non official style like in rehearsal room concerts. And of course the city is famous for it's smoke beer, but it would be unfair to reduce it to just that. Most of the locals i know don't drink smoke beer that much to be honest. They have plenty of awesome breweries. My favourites are Mahr's Bräu with their "Hell" and "U" (Kellerbier) and Sonnenbräu Urtyp Hell from Bischberg (a small town near Bamberg). If you like Pils there is the Keesman Herrenpils.

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As odd as a smokey beer sounds it would be something I'd be willing to try, especially considering how cheap the beer is in Germany compared to Canada. That's definitely one thing I won't need to worry about on this trip hahaha

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Well, it's the time for black metal concerts, though
Mantar, Fäulnis etc. Will hit Stuttgart soon

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Berlin is a must if you come to Germany! Haven't been there for a long time, but it's always worth it! You should also consider visiting Vienna / Austria. Beautiful ancient city!

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Thanks so much! I definitely plan on going to Berlin and would love to plan a little trip down to Austria as well.

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You're welcome! Hope you'll have a cool trip! Maybe we'll see some pics on the Actionshots then...? ;)

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If you want to visit a good festival, you should check out RockHard Festival 2017
While you're in Frankfurt, you can check out the Batschkapp Club - good place for gigs & party.
In Wiesbaden the Schlachthof and in Aschaffenburg the Colos Saal ( both cities are close to Frankfurt ).
In Mainz there's a nice Rock Club called Alexander The Great - they always make some Rock/Metal parties.
Berlin is full of awesome Clubs, and also the Ruhrgebiet ( what DuckyBoy mentioned ) - especially the Turock in Essen.
Cheers :)

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Omg, no way! Aschaffenburg is going to be my home base as that's where my friends live, that's amazing they have something there. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions :)

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Yeah...rock hard festival rules.
Any of you want to spend some time for a meetup there?

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Holy shit, is this thing for real? Having a hard time translating and figuring out where and when. Help please? :] hahah

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Hi ... sorry for the late reply :/
So, here are some infos about the RockHard Festival
First of all a link to a website in english: https://www.rockhard.de/festival/infos/international-infos.html
And now my poor infos ;)
It takes place in Gelsenkirchen from the 2nd to the 4th of June. The location is a amphitheatre.
Bands confirmed so far are:
Blues Pills
Fates Warning
Ross the Boss (Classic Manowar Set!)
The Dead Daisies
Secrets Of THe Moon
Mantar Ketzer
Blood Ceremony
Night Demon
Dust Bolt

More will be announced soon.
Tickets are available here: https://shop.rockhard.de/rock-hard/rock-hard-festival.html
There's a 3 days ticket incl. camping for 108€ and a 3 days ticket without camping for 86€

AND here's a female user ( https://tshirtslayer.com/user/melfromhell ) who will attend. She's from London and lives currently in Germany. I think you could get in contact with her to get more infos in better english :)
Apart from that there's a event group for the RockHard Festival: https://tshirtslayer.com/forum/topic/rock-hard-festival-2017wer-kommt-mi...

I you got any other question just drop me a line and I will try to help you.
Cheers :)

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Thanks so much for the info dude, mega cheers!!

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IN FLAMMEN Open Air 2017 - Germany´s hellish Gartenparty
06.-08.07.Torgau / Entenfang


ALFAHANNE (SWE) - erste Show in D!
and many more...in Planung!

3 Tage / 39 Bands / 666 % Metal & No Commerce

Tickets im VVK aktuell 45Euro inkl. Versand / Gebühren / Campen direkt am Auto

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Holy shit, it's gonna be hard picking between this one and rockhard for me lol. Thanks for the suggestion my friend!

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Check out Hamburg, St. Pauli, everything there is pretty metal, maybe check Club Zentral in Stuttgart, very small club but awesome concerts there

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If you come around End of april you might want to check out ragnarök festival in Lichtenfels.

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5th Underground Remains Open Air, June, 10th, in Göttingen (Lower-Saxony).

their fb page. There you can find links to the bands:

It's a underground One-Day-Festival with about 400 visitors, different styles of metal bands are playing, ticket costs about 20€. (you can buy a ticket at the festival ground on the same day, it won't sold out). If you are interested in ask me for more information about city, festival etc. Some of my friends organize it and I'm living here.

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Damn, Cytotoxin is a fucking sick band!!

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Officially going to the Exodus gig in Memmingen June 5th! I'd love to go to one of these fests but money is tight lol. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions!

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