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Funniest/ Most Screwed up Metal Song You Know of?

Wed, 19/08/2020 - 05:58

I was listening to Sodom's cover of 'Surfing Bird' and I thought that if someone didn't know the context of the song it would be funny as shit. What do some of you think are the funniest metal songs out there?

I've got:
1-K@#*%! By Korn
2- You're a Fucking Dick by M.O.D.
3- So What by Anti-Nowhere League (Imma say it... Metallica did it better)
4- What's that Noise by S.O.D.
5- Get This (Or Die) by Slipknot
6-Like anything from Anal Cunt. Seth Putnam was a fucking legend.
7-Throwing Cars at People by Thor
8- Gorepot's latest album

I gotta say that some of the heaviest stuff out there has some sort of self-aware comedic value as well, especially in death metal, slam and noisecore.

Unjustifiablexistence's picture

M.O.D. - "Bubble Butt" is also up there!

CCraun's picture

Yeah MOD and SOD are funny as shit Billy Milano is like that one kid in history class that just says things to piss people off lol

grime81's picture

Massive appendage - The severed erection

CCraun's picture

Ok though honestly that album is pretty good thrash especially the intro to that track. I started playing it and I was like hey that kinda sounds like Suicidal and then the chorus said "severed erection" and I was like oh there it is

CCraun's picture

Also the solo on that track is awesome

TheSabbathsCreed's picture
CCraun's picture


TheSabbathsCreed's picture

GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThomasThrash's picture

I can’t say I know the context behind Sodom covering Surfin Bird...

CCraun's picture

They covered it because M-16 was a concept album about the Vietnam War, and that song was actually a Vietnam War song. Or at least that's the extent of my knowledge. Also that cover is pretty damn good too I like it a lot!

ThomasThrash's picture

Ah ok, thanks for the info. I new M16 was all Vietnam war themed. But didn’t know that was a Vietnam War song.


bad_american1992's picture

Torsofuck - "Raped By Elephants" will always be my favorite. Got plenty of laughs with this back in highschool. "Check this song out bro"
Throatplunger - "Hotdog with Veins" really anything by these guys is pretty hilarious.
Can't remember the bands who performed these but I remember two songs called "Anal Bead Baby Heads" and "Sniper at the Fag Parade" which had my laughing on the name alone. Metal is truly a sophisticated genre of music.

CCraun's picture

"Fuck pop!! Metal is truly a sophisticated form of music. BTW have you heard of this band called Torsofuck?"

I looked up those song titles and a band called Meat Shits came up. I linked it below. Maybe now you can go back and get a laugh from it again now. Noisecore has some crazy motherfuckers in it that's for sure!!


butcheredalive's picture

I was thinking Four Legged Whore by Torsofuck

andermatten's picture
Kofuv6's picture


Next time cut the right way!

CCraun's picture

Lmao that might make my top ten now. "I will laugh when you die of AIDS" may be one of the most sinisterly humorous phrases I have ever heard.

Kofuv6's picture

I highly recommend this band in general, this band is super retarded with many killer albums, you can start with this album since it's one of their best imo

Here's another song from the same album https://youtu.be/pIYj9lOU_TA

meaningless's picture

omg..hahahahaha....i didnt know this song..but fuck...hahaha...the lyrics gave me a good laugh..hahaha

Kofuv6's picture

Impaled Nazarene are rly special ppl, many songs they make have rly weird and funny lyrics

Thane's picture

Brain Dance by Annihilator, probably my favorite nonsense song

Primus has some funny shit too, Puddin' Taine for example, not metal but yeah

Alestorm fucked with an Anchor always makes me laugh

AC/DC Big Balls lol can never get over how great it is, also not metal

CCraun's picture

Big Brown Beaver is another goofy song by Primus. Still can't believe that Les Claypool almost joined Metallica. I mean some of their catalog borederlines metal, especially My Name is Mud.

There's actually a song that an AI wrote based off of AC/DC called "Great Balls" which is pretty funny too. You should check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpEVsDN84Hc

Thane's picture

That great balls song is funny as shit hahahaha

I love everything by Les Claypool. One of the weirdest yet most inspiring musicians ever

Thane's picture

Have you heard Primus' cover of "The Thing That Should Not Be?" It may be blasphemy but I'd say it's loads better than Metallica's version. haha

CCraun's picture

NO FUCKING WAY I never even knew they made a cover of that song. Pretty awesome \m/

Thane's picture
no karate in pit's picture

i know im late to this but that cover was awesome and three times better than metallicas version

meaningless's picture

damn yes...Big brown beaver is fantastic..haha.. (their only good song of them...for me...sadly)

Thane's picture

What haha nah man they have loads of good tracks. Have you heard Sgt. Baker, Jellikit, or The Heckler? Or Golden Boy? They have some sick stuff with awesome riffs

meaningless's picture

Fucked with an anchor is just to good..haha..indeed

Thane's picture

Yes it is hahaha

CCraun's picture

I gotta say my favorite primus tracks are My Name is Mud, Jerry Was a Race Car Driver, and their cover of The Thing That Should Not Be. Thanks for introducing me to that one boss, that track is awesome

Thane's picture

Haha no problem! They're one of those bands for me where I've made it a point to have every song, and I like them all. Literally anything Claypool is right up my alley. My favs are probably Lacquer Head, Golden Boy, Puddin' Taine, Mr. Knowitall, Pudding Time, DMV, My Name is Mud, Sgt. Baker, Jerry was a Racecar Driver, The Heckler, and The Seven. But like I said, I love every track haha

Askure's picture

I know it's an outtake from the album and all that but Venom's Snots and shits has always made me laugh, especially the ending "Hey babe, fancy a pizza? 😉"

CCraun's picture

Yeah I'm not too into Venom so I never heard that one. That ending is fantastic, I wonder if they improvised it.

GabeG951's picture

Not sure, but the most fucked band I know is TxPxFx because some of their song titles sexualize actual child actors and models. I don't find that funny at all though, kind of just sickening to be honest. It's the only time I felt as a band has crossed a line that I truly cannot stomach. As for the funniest song, I have no idea, I can't really think of a metal song I find very funny. I guess some Anal Cunt songs.

Kofuv6's picture


A perfect song to listen to when you are horny

meaningless's picture

hehehehe +1 for Traumatic :D

Kofuv6's picture

Ofc, their demos are amazing, can't say the same for the album however

meaningless's picture

same...i sadly down own the album, just know the pic from discogs :( thats it...

CCraun's picture

Ok not gonna lie I love the vocalist for that band I don't know if he's pitch shifted or not but his voice is super gravely

meaningless's picture

ok..this one makes me always grin
Cock and Ball Torture - Where girls learn to piss on command

Not to forget: Nuclear Assaults - Long haired asshole (i mean, there is even a official videoclip for it..lol)

and for sure: Whine and cheese (Nuclear Assault) hehe..

CCraun's picture

Man I like some Nuclear Assault every now and then. The first band is a meme lol

meaningless's picture

omg...i forgot 2 more Sodom gem's...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-dTzguESSg (Aber bitte mit Sahne ;) )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjZRYc2GJ24 (Original Udo Jürgens)

and ...WACHTURM....
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrHgIhYff8Y ...bad ass funny lyrics..hahaha

Kofuv6's picture

To bad that I don't understand German :(

meaningless's picture

about Aber bitte mit Sahne - ....not so bad...lyrics arent 'that' funny or crazy, its more the fact that Sodom made a Udo Jürgens song..
but about Wachturm - yes...its to bad, because this is awesome, the lyrics still makes me laugh after all these years..lol

The lyrics are about/against Jehovah's Witnesses ...and their 'magazine' they always tried to give ppl by every and any chance. They were going from door to door...every day...ring all door bell's and started to annoy you..over and over again..'we wanna talk about god with u'... 'wanna have our magazine' ...'take this magazine'....'The magazine have all answers for ya'...blablabla...and this magazin was called WACHTURM..haha

The refrain is going something like this:
Wachturm is the revelation
for all the god's children
lay it aside, it doesnt help
i prefer my porn'

....something like this...and the rest of the lyrics..well...i guess u can imagine the content..hahaha

Kofuv6's picture

I prefer my porn

Me too man, me too

Thanks for translating though :)

CCraun's picture

thanks man, I didn't even know of these songs and I'm pretty into sodom's discography. I'm more into the more recent stuff though, I like their newer mixing and death-thrash sound more than their black metal sound.

Kofuv6's picture

Thanks to meaningless I remembered this one, best song Pete ever wrote


meaningless's picture

hahahaha...no idea how i have forgot that..haha

CCraun's picture

Thanks man now I am having a hard time keeping my coffee down lol. Carnivore is a hugely underrated band they should be as popular as SOD and MOD

Kofuv6's picture

Agreed, rly underrated

Thane's picture

Ooh Crikey I can't believe I forgot fuckin Lawnmower Deth. My son reminded me this morning haha


MorticiA's picture

GWAR - Fucking an Animal. 'It's so warm inside."

andermatten's picture

jesus, who dug up this old thread again? anyway, spazztic blurr, he not a home me marco

Into Glory Ride's picture

That one is easy

(The way they pinned down the genres and impersonations like Glenn Danzig are actually pretty perfect and hilarious)

kimo's picture

Nanowar Of Steel have some pretty funny stuff. This is probably my favourite. https://youtu.be/j0YXfeNxJJ0

no karate in pit's picture

weirdest would be let me into starfish land i cant remember why i played that song . my funniest would be the ballad of Kurt Cobain by sod.
i like nirvana but when they said your dead it caught me off guard and i busted into laughter

FarFarNorth's picture

Well, damn. It absolutely gotta be Nanowar - "Look At Two Reels." (a parody on Luca Turilli, among other things). Nearly pissed myself laughing when hearing it the first time.

lambofgodfan00's picture

Candy Man by Church of Misery

"Too high to fuck! CANDY MAAAAAANN!!!"

Iron gremlin's picture

Kraf dinner by annihilator, very confusing when i first listened to its album, but entertaining.

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