"Forgotten Path #10" zine out now!

DoctorDeathSun, 20/01/2019 - 11:56

In my inbox this morning.... personally I think this is one of the best produced underground metal magazines out there, get your copy! you will not regret it, interviews are always excellent, no bullshit interviews from hipsters who only read the wikipedia article (like so many hip interviewers from mainstream magazines)

good production, excellent photography, get yours! also, really amazing price! dont know the bands? even better reason to get your copy!


And so, the wait is over - "Forgotten Path Magazine #10" starts shipping now!

92 pages, interviews with:

Gevurah [Can]
Shroud of Satan [Ger]
Blaze of Perdition [Pol]
Spectral Wound [Can]
“Tour de Garde” [Can]
Flagellant [Swe]
Burial Hordes [Gre]
Andhakara Caitanya [ - ]
Crypts of Despair [Ltu]
Chaos Invocation [Ger]
Urarv [Nor]
Profundum [Usa]
Azaghal [Fin]

Price - 6 Eur (+ shipping). Place your order at forgotten.path.mag@gmail.com, or shop at out BandCamp profile: https://forgotten-path.bandcamp.com



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