IN FLAMMEN Open Air 2018 - Germanys hellish Garden Party

Mon, 04/09/2017 - 20:53

IN FLAMMEN Open Air 2018
12.-14.07.2018 Torgau / Entenfang


DREAD SOVEREIGN (IRL - mit Alan von Primordial)
.....and many more

EARLY BIRD TICKETS - aktuell 45,00Euro bzw. 49,90Euro inkl Special Shirt!
ab sofort im VVK nur unter: www.in-flammen.com
Preise wir immer inklusive Gebühren / Versand & Parken/Campen direkt am Auto!

Infos & Tickets: www.in-flammen.com

3 Tage / 39 Bands / 666% METAL & NO COMMERCE

Event date: 
Thursday, July 12, 2018
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  • Thanks
  • Yes! They are great! I have another one of this shirt, but it has 2-3 holes after much use.
  • Cool! I’ m curious about the reply.
  • Bad ass, these old Necropolis shirts are fantastic!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks! I like this longsleeve quite much, and this is the second I own. The first one was worn out.
  • Great design!
  • Well done As good as the album they depict
  • the inverted crosses and pentagrams, especially :) as long as these people are not from my work, I dont mind it all tha
  • Sorry to hear that. I know how it can suck if you have to sit in traffic for hours just to get to a show.
  • Awesome. Got some old mayhem shirts myself but not the longsleeve
  • I try to wear mine on weekends when i go to rock bars or something but still... i get weird looks :)
  • Yeahh those are a little bit more discreet and family friendly haha :)
  • Amazing
  • holy shit!
  • Yeah I honestly prefer their later work..... Of course I sometimes am in the mood for some angsty teenage oi rock haha
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