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favorite motorhead song

no karate in pit
Tue, 07/02/2023 - 18:49

impossible it may seem type you will-yoda(Probably)
i was sittin around and was thinking of cool forum ideas but all that came to mind was thrash metal and not everyone likes thrash so i turned up my tunes and ace of spades played and thats where this idea came from
so my fav gotta be the game and bomber

sandmanforce's picture

Stay clean - sure!

cza2129's picture


no karate in pit's picture

hell yeah

no karate in pit's picture

ahh shit i forgot hellraiser

Paganinfear's picture

Either Motörhead, Too Late Too Late orrrrrrr i would have to agree with sandmanforce!

Lord Cthulhu's picture

Hmmm - I'm gonna be cheeky and pick two: Shoot You In The Back, and Killed By Death

kimo's picture

Either Hellraiser or Going To Brazil.

no karate in pit's picture


IronSabbath89's picture

No Voices in the Sky 24/7!

AbysmalWind's picture

Gotta go with Vibrator. Jokes aside, the groove on that song is unforgettable.

MorticiA's picture

Red Raw, and Ride'n with the Driver.

zSLAYER's picture

Iron Fist, Damage Case and Love Me Like a Reptile for me

Rush Thrash 2112's picture

Dancing On Your Grave, Loser, The Hammer, Dead Men Tell No Tales...



Radek's picture

America ... or maybe (Don´t Need) Religion

meaningless's picture

i think....it might be:
Born to raise hell (when it comes to classic motörhead tunes)
1916 (when it comes to their ballades)

BloodFireDeath's picture

Impossible to answer! But if I could narrow it down to my top 3 Live to Win, Mean Machine, and Marching off to War are all incredible!

Maxime's picture

OVERKILL version: lemmy; philthy animal taylor and fast eddie clark!!!!! I love the sound!!!

spidertrooper's picture


From the tomb's picture

BURNER!!! Real punch in your face!

Anthropocene-Extinction's picture

DOWN ON ME off of the Inferno record, fucking class album from 2004 I think

Thrashattack's picture


MrCrispy13's picture

Nothing Up My Sleeve and Back at the Funny Farm are both two favorites I loved hearing live.

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