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Favorite Car you've owned that you drive to shows?

Thu, 23/02/2023 - 19:43

I love all the gear here. I think you all relate to choosing a shirt, maybe your favorite battle vest and lacing up some doc martins to go see a show.

But what car have you owned that says METAL that you love driving to a show even if you cringe worrying about it in the parking lot outside some seedy club?
Im a Mercyful Fate guy through and through and my current garage princess and favorite car to take to a show is my '06 Honda S2000 with OEM hardtop in New Formula Red.
She's a six-speed stick that redlines around 8k rpm and I love how she grabs at about 45mph in 2nd gear. Less than 1000 of my year/color left alive at this point.

What car do you drive to a show that gives you that same rush as a mosh pit?

no karate in pit's picture

my dad saw pantera when dimebag was around in his 84 trans am

MrCrispy13's picture

With the big eagle on the hood? I never see those around anymore but that was quite a thing in the 80s with the T top!

no karate in pit's picture

yeah exactly now image a guy with frosted tips and a sublime shirt on driving it

bad_american1992's picture

I'm imagining the singer from Smash Mouth

no karate in pit's picture

a little bit skinnier and blonder

MortalCoil138's picture

There's a surprisingly large amount of them here in Aus, a lot of them turn up at car shows, and I know of a couple in museums, not often seen on a weekday tho!

MrCrispy13's picture

Those Aussie S2ks are special. They kept the AP1 engine in the upgraded AP2 suspension and they are fetching $75-150k from what they say on the forums. I'd love to visit AUS and ride those open roads!

bad_american1992's picture

Definitely hot boxing a Toyota Tundra (with the back window that rolls down) with your mates, and blowing clouds of weed smoke behind you as you roll up to the gig with eyes redder than the devil's pecker. Good truck for tailgating in the parking lot too

BloodFireDeath's picture

Interesting topic I've actually been thinking about more recently while I'm looking for a new car. What car really screams "metal!"? Not really a car I'd show off but I have a beat to hell 2004 Chevy Malibu that I bought off facebook for dirt cheap and covered the back bumper in every metal and record label sticker I had laying around (most notably a massive Iron Maiden decal). While not very impressive this four wheeled beige colored, granny taxi has taken me through hell and back; all over California for shows, multiple relationships, the backseats are covered in blood and cum, near death experiences, the worst goddamn roads you can imagine, been slept in for days at a time, and hasn't ONCE broken down on me. My self-titled Heavy Metal Machine.

MortalCoil138's picture

I personally drive a 2008 Subaru Forester, it's a 5 speed manual with a shockingly decent radio. My first purchase for my car was a dual battery system to run a beer fridge, followed shortly by the first 5 Testament albums on CD for some easy listening on the too and from work. So far been pretty reliable! although there's minor cosmetic issues, I still love driving it!

MrCrispy13's picture

I guess once I got married and my kids got married I stopped caravanning to shows with a bunch of friends... I have a paint-falling off Tacoma that I should just go old school and slap stickers all over. I miss those days of keeping a bong under the seat and LOVE the idea of the mini-fridge setup. I'd love to meet up with some of you bastards and burn some fat ones before a show! Thanks for sharing your 'Metal Ride' stories.

MortalCoil138's picture

Haha mini fridge? Mine is a 40l, I can fit a slab of beer and a bottle or two of liquor

_Lady D_'s picture

Hmmm, many years ago I use to drive a 2001 Volvo. It was a gas saver driving out of town to shows and it had a cassette player 😀

I'm currently in a 2018 kia rio and it's decent haha

CEROXER's picture

I had a VW Corrado Vr6 in the early 2000's, I took it to a few shows and it sold.

Hárbarðr's picture

1989 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado, short bed with the old 305 TBI. My first car, absolutely love it, but haven’t taken it to any shows yet, prefer to use public transport so I can drink haha.

Radek's picture

Hey, won´t You buy me a DMC DeLorean? Till then I´m about to drive my BMW 5er Touring 2002 six valves (no turbo!) gas engine, with a lot of space for sleeping and other ...

Darklord's picture

VW Bug lowered...Porsche Raspberry, cream colored velour interior, Porsche alloy rims...and a Blaupunkt stereo, that was my baby !

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