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Favorite Album for Excercising

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 04:44

What are your all time favorite records to work out to? Not just an individual track or mixtape, it's easy to piece a playlist together, I'm talking a full album here (though a multi-band compilation CD would count if it's an official release)

Blind Guardian - "Somewhere Far Beyond" takes the cake for me. The remaster fits an hour of weightlifting almost perfectly. Hitting some raises during the first couple tracks make you feel like a fantasy warrior, chill out with some stretches/core during "The Bard's Song Pt. 1" and come back with a mightly lift for 'The Hobbit' and the eponymous title track. Fuck yeah.

"Lock of the Wolves" by Dio is a close second, it's slow, heavy and gets you pumped up. People in the gym will give you a wide berth when you look like a fucking psycho headbanging all to yourself, you'll probably get the whole rack or bench to yourself!

What gets you Tshirt Slayers ready for a trip to the gym?

Kofuv6's picture

Bolt Thrower-Warmaster

I'm just imagining slowly becoming Conan the barbarian himself (and just as ripped XD) while i blast that album, and the lyrics makes it even easier for me to do that, unfortunately it's a bit short (46 min with the bonus track) and i don't work out that much anymore due to foot/leg injury but hopefully soon i can hit the gym.

Amon Amarth (Twilight of the Thunder God and the other albums in between to Jomsviking) works as well for me due to them being a bit similar and have the same kind of hype to the lyrics so i just imagine that i become a big strong Viking that will destroy everything in my path just for fun ;)

Prob some other stuff as well but this is what I could think of now

Spectrum's picture

Poison Idea - feel the Darkness and Disfear - Live The Storm are 2 of my fav. When I'm doing my stuff at gym.

bad_american1992's picture

Good choices guys.... yeah Bolt Thrower and Amon Amarth definitely have some powerful music! Hope your hoof feels better my dude.
Not super familiar with those albums, I do like Disfear though, punk drumming is great for hitting the track or the weight pile!

Thane's picture

I'm a lazy shit and don't work out lol after working all day I'd rather not. But my go to used to be Rust in Peace or Night of the Stormrider

bad_american1992's picture

Hahahaha I can definitely relate x_x Rust In Piece is definitely a great album to gym to

Hárbarðr's picture

Strangely, I don’t really work out listening to music that often - many times I go with friends, and we just talk haha.
But when I do, Into Glory Ride is the go-to album!

Jwilson's picture

One of my favourites to listen to whilst lifting is spectrum of death by morbid saint. It’s just so raw and aggressive and helps me push an extra rep or two out, especially when Assassin or Crying for death start playing. Apart from that, any old school death metal record works well too.

bad_american1992's picture

Hitting the weight pile to Morbid Saint is a high-testosterone move \m/

Mastercutor's picture

I see that you are a Disciple of Discipline, too, nice!
Yes! The Spectrum Of Death re-release was a favorite of mine for the longest time for lifting.
Damien always knew how to motivate, what a guy 😁

Metalmate's picture

Hateplow - The Only Law Is Survival
And anything by Stormwarrior or Later GammaRay

invisible-horizons's picture

Doing a plank for the entire length of Megadeth’s “Holy Wars…” is always something I like to do to keep my core strong. I challenge everyone to try it.

If I’m running, sprinting, or jogging, I like to listen to German Power Metal stuff like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, Scanner, or Rage. If I’m lifting, I like to listen to Desth Metal like Morbid Angel, Death, Carcass, Suffocation, Bolt Thrower, etc… or good ole Slayer, Vio-Lence, Sadus, or Demolition Hammer usually does the trick.

bad_american1992's picture

Sounds more like Punishment Due man... hahaha. I will have to give that a try. Good choices!

invisible-horizons's picture

Hahaha! Yes, definitely! It’s tough!

Thrashersky's picture

Thor - Only the Strong. Dust - Hard Attack. Exciter - Long live the Loud. The ultimate trinity. Don't push it too hard bro

BloodFireDeath88's picture

I like listening to very groove-oriented and riff-heavy metal when I'm lifting in my shitty garage gym, usually leaning to more modern-ish sounding death metal. Goatwhore - Constricting Rage, Exhumed - Anatomy is destiny, and Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal are on pretty consistently.

When doing cardio and long distance running I always go back to just good old heavy metal, as of late Riot - Thundersteel has been my usual pick

Cardboardcity's picture

Like other folks I try to match tempo to activity, which means mid tempo heavy metal such as Kings of Metal or Fighting the World for lifting. These albums and similar both keep me pushing and also are paced well for maintaining good lifting form! For cardio I prefer speed metal or melodic black metal depending on how fast I think I can go haha…

Zahid Banama's picture

Dim Mak - Intercepting Fist. So angry.

So. Very. Angry.

Into Glory Ride's picture

If i had to keep it to one (which is what you asked for): RAZOR OF OCCAM - Homage to martyrs !

If this doesn't set you ablaze and make you wanna rip your Tank apart and crush the next PR, nothing will.

This record was - made - to lift to.


oldmate's picture

when doing cardio I like to listen to a mix...

I dont listen to music my in the gym itself, but if I do its always Pantera, Guns and Roses or SOD

victorija's picture

Serpent Temptation Incubus/Opprobrium

bad_american1992's picture

Serpent Temptation and Beyond the Unknown are so brutal, good choices.

ElChivoNegro's picture

The Blood Chalice album or Horna's Askel lähempänä Saatanaa!

Mastercutor's picture

🦾 Every single album and EP by Rise Of The Northstar!
Again and Again!

bad_american1992's picture

Hahahah I just put that song on, that opening jingle is from like Totorro or one of those movies. I was like wtf? Weird mix of metal hardcore and hip hop!

Mastercutor's picture

Well, its a good dose of weird for me. French guys, Japanese/anime lyrical topics and English lyrics sang in a cool French accent. But there are definitely some slight thrash touches here and there.

"Welcame" has become my album of choice for workouts right after its initial release. Can't recommend it enough, even if one isn't that much into hardcore.
Their last one, The Legacy of Shi, is more polished, incorporates a seven string, and is basically a concept album about yōkai possession. It works for workouts, too (pun intended).

Their songs are mainly made with live performances in mind, or so they say. 90 % of the time those songs allow for some tempo changes and then get back to the original tempo, which is great for any workout, AFAIC. And they keep it lively throughout the whole album, which goes really well with my bodyweight routines.

Talking about weird choices, my favorite album for ashtanga yoga sessions changes a lot. Right now I'd say it has to be 120 Days of Genitorture by Genitorturers.

It might be funny, if there was a topic for other "more usual" activities. Like, for example, when I clean around the house/garden, I tend to listen to the 2CD "Icon" compilation album by Rob Zombie - still no corpses in my garden, it's gonna be a long way to a 1 000 😅

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

It varies but Die Krupps’ Machinists of Joy has done a lot for me lately.

ManInTheBox's picture

DMX - It's Dark and Hell is Hot

bad_american1992's picture

Good to see you back here homie \m/ and RIP to the Ruff Ryder

Into Glory Ride's picture

Bölzer - Hero

andermatten's picture

i don't exercise so need to think on this...

cathedral ethereal mirror?

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