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fav metal album of the year so far

no karate in pit
Wed, 08/11/2023 - 23:32

fav metal album that got released this year

no karate in pit's picture

gotta say mt fav was the new cannibal corpse but i did like some songs off the new megadeth album other standouts were make them suffer by dying fetus and terrasite by cattle decap

MetalNDN's picture

Suffocation is my favorite so far. 🤘

no_teleology's picture

So far it’s gotta be Malokarpatan or Horrendous, though I have to revisit Kostnateni.
Also on my shortlist:
Thy Darkened Shade
Arnaut Pavle
Blut Aus Nord
Bloody Vengeance

gorestar's picture

Some of the new albums I’m really digging this year are Ascended Dead, Street Tombs, Autopsy, Torture Rack, Astriferous, Cirith Ungol, Suffocation, and Mortuary Drape. Not sure what is my favorite yet is though.

no karate in pit's picture

the new autopsy is a banger

DthOnMnSt's picture

Enforcer , Amethyst, Cruel Force i really liked

Djsodomizer's picture

Demonized - Abyss Vanguard would be my pick, but it's only an ep.

Impetuous Ritual/Blut Aus Nord/Ruïm for me.

Odradek's picture

Serpent of Old (!!!)
Sulphur Aeon

Also having really high hopes for the new Cruciamentum that's coming out this month.

Brendon's picture

Cruel force, incantation, lamp of murmuur, gravesend, torture rack and of course the new autopsy to many to list really its been a great year for OG bands and alot of good shit from newer ones.

no karate in pit's picture


gorestar's picture

I listened to the new Incantation album twice yesterday so I’m genuinely surprised I forgot it in my list as I really like that album 😂

Brendon's picture

New incantation is always amazing john never fails!

schönheit-der-natur's picture



Heavy Load and Cruel Force 🔥

SepulchralVoice's picture

Profanatica's really good.

oldmate's picture

I have a few so far, that will mkae my end of year top 10
- Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific
- BioCancer - Revengea
- sequestrum - pickled perversions
- Frozen soul - glacial domination
- Metallica - 72 Seasons

after reading this there are a few I need to check out. Mortuary Drape being the first on that list. Then the new autopsy which seems to be getting good reviews.

no karate in pit's picture

havent heard the new biocancer gotta get to that

ThatBillyGuy's picture

Cultus Black - Self Titled
Metallica - 72 Seasons
Filter - The Algorithm
Sabaton - Stories From The Western Front
Immortal - War Against All
Graveripper - Seasons Dreaming Death
Not metal but I also really enjoyed the the new blink 182 album!

no karate in pit's picture

alot of those i thought were meh but 72 seasons had some things i liked

oldmate's picture

Shit how could I forget Metallica. I love it! added it to my list

I will also need to check out Graveripper

ThatBillyGuy's picture

Definitely should if you like power trip you’ll definitely like graveripper

oldmate's picture

yea I just checked out sadly all the copies on bandcamp are sold out, and the lable does not ship to Australia for some reason. so I might have to use a fucking forwarding company

Djsodomizer's picture

Being a sucker for good symphonic black metal, the new Troll might be a late contender.

COTHRASHER's picture

Frozen Soul-Glacial Domination, Gravesend-Gowanus Death Stomp, Blood Oath-Lost in Eternal Silence, Coffin Mulch-Spectral Intercession, Terminalist-The Crisis as Conditioned, and Massacred-the Devil's Awakening are some of my favorite records of the year

doctordeath's picture
Brendon's picture

I 2nd this new tenebro is amazing!

slayerslayer's picture

Endstille - DetoNation

ThrashMetalTrashFan's picture

The new Suffocation album kills. "Dawn Of The Axe" and Void's "Horrors of Reality" were probably 2 of the greatest releases this year

no karate in pit's picture

wait new suffocation album i was not aware of that

Jonathan666's picture

Yeah, it sounds pretty decent, in my opinion:


Wyvern's picture

Feuerschwanz - Fegefeuer

marcFF's picture

Godflesh - Purge
Majesties - Vast reaches unclaimed
Tomb Mold - The enduring spirit
Demoniac - Nube negra
Horrendous Ontological Mysterium
Cavalera - Morbid Visions

To name a few haha

Cardboardcity's picture

Protean Shield's debut album really stands out as some excellent fist pumping heavy metal. There is a tonne of excellent material this year and some other favourites would be Vass/Katsionis, Wytch Hazel, Cirith Ungol, Welkin, Malokarpatan, and The Sun's Journey Through the Night

Jonathan666's picture

Austere - Corrosion Of Hearts
Goatmoon - What Once Was... Shall Be Again
Immortal - War Against All
Marduk - Memento Mori
Tsjuder - Helvegr
Black Sorcery - Deciphering Torment Through Malediction
Genocidal Rites - Exsanguination Of The Gods
Act Of Impalement - Infernal Ordinance
Supremative - Goat Blood Communion
Unholy Funeral - The Ancient God Of Fire
Incantation - Unholy Deification
Suffocation - Hymns From The Apocrypha
Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific
Skelethal Throne - Barbaric Torment
Obituary - Dying Of Everything
Sadism - Obscurans
Aphotik - Abyssgazer
Overkill - Scorched
Enforced - War Remains
Morphetik - Proclamation Of War

no karate in pit's picture

damn i love that album

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