Fake Maiden Backpatches on ebay?

Mon, 11/06/2018 - 16:56

With a solid vintage Maiden BP fetching $250 USD on ebay, ya gotta wonder when someone is going to fire up the silk screener and
make some fake ones and rake in the cash.
A bunch of super rare Maiden BP dropped yesterday on ebay and I was thinking about bidding on some.
However, when you look at the pictures, the images seem soft/out of focus?
Is it the camera? Is it me? Any experienced collectors out the want to weigh in?



Don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but when you look at these images, they seem wonky?

Guess this TShirt!

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  • Absolutely awesome! In my personal top-10 from now! How many times did you have to remake patches if you had to?
  • didnt understand mate
  • i don't know what the great things are... but... thank you.
  • Great!
  • Thank You
  • haha..thx, maybe within the next day.., ill check which discographies are not completely uploaded..maybe ill catch the 3
  • sadly no. i was never at Obscene Extreme.
  • Lemmy is 5 years old now (or 6 years?...im not 100% sure..haha) same as his brother. 2 rly freaky cats..haha
  • Indeed ^^ You have had an great eyes on this! Made just 10 of those , for me and some friends :) Just have 6 "wh
  • indeed..but on the other hand. we have 3 albums which are rly bad ass. No weak stuff were released by HoB.
  • Really well done! Love it!
  • sowas hab ich mir schon gedacht. schade das er nix online macht.
  • thx very much dude :)
  • its more then just a tease..but...OK...
  • One of the best back prints haha. Epic longy mate.
  • All the flames for the Bonehunter backpiece, that is hella sweet!
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