Fake Maiden Backpatches on ebay?

whereeveryouareMon, 11/06/2018 - 16:56

With a solid vintage Maiden BP fetching $250 USD on ebay, ya gotta wonder when someone is going to fire up the silk screener and
make some fake ones and rake in the cash.
A bunch of super rare Maiden BP dropped yesterday on ebay and I was thinking about bidding on some.
However, when you look at the pictures, the images seem soft/out of focus?
Is it the camera? Is it me? Any experienced collectors out the want to weigh in?



Don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but when you look at these images, they seem wonky?

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  • Needs more kiss
  • Total cult classic.
  • Killer shirt man !! As always...
  • Awesome man, this is also one of my favorite albums
  • It’s rare but it pops up here and there. I got mine for 100 a few years back. It’s a great design.
  • Damn! I want one, lol.
  • It's all good
  • Sorry about that, haha I was about to erase my comment after i saw not for sale.lol
  • Yep 225..this shirt is very hard to come by, i had just got one but it was too tight for me and its all messed up..I reg
  • It's not for sale friend.
  • How muuuccchh
  • You pay the 225 for that? Or get him to go lower?
  • Killer! I have a time patch you could add to your collection if interested:) p.m me
  • Destruction and Killing Is My Business... (small patch) are gone!
  • My buddies Hysteria opened for Dissection and Watain in November in Lyon.
  • Cool I have some Hatebreed matches..

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