Entombed A.D!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon, 13/03/2017 - 02:08

Tuesday 9th May – Brisbane – Crowbar

Wednesday 10th May – Sydney – Manning Bar

Thursday 11th May – Melbourne – Max Watts

Friday 12th May – Adelaide – Fowlers Licensed All Ages

Saturday 13th May – Perth – Amplifier

Death N Roll Legends hit 'Straya cunts!!!!! I know for one I am keen as fuck for this.

Event date: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Event Country: 
Who is going?
Are you attending?


dont miss this one!


I should be going.. not a massive fan, but never seen them live.


Be cool to catch up!!!


Already ordered my ticket whilst I was meant to be working haha.


Have fun dude! They were awesome when they opened for Amon Amarth in Detroit last summer, the pit was insane!


Cheers mate!! Oh man that would be a sick gig.


Nothing but front row for Nathan for this one, have a kick arse time.


Hahahaha, Cheers Craig!


LG is one of the best vocalists I ever heard live! Fantastic and really funny guy, on stage and off stage! Have fun!!


Great to hear that, So fucking keen, I honestly never thought I'd get a chance to see them.

Cheers Darko!


I think Entombed AD is a killer live band so You must watch their a show!


Fuck yeah, Keen as.

Oh I shall, I won't take my eyes off them.


Seen them in Warsaw a few months ago was really fun to see them live. They play all the classics as well, place went mental when left-hand path was played.


Oh nice! Good stuff.

I can imagine, Such a landmark / masterpiece of an album.


Have seen them in my hometown Bremen/Germany on nov 27th with Voivod. Great gig. Can't imagine how Entombed sounds without L.G.
Will visit a Firespawn show on april 7th in Aurich and another Entombed A.D. show on july 22nd at the R.U.D.E. festival in Bertingen.
Don't miss them!!!


Wicked! Would love to see Voivod too.

Yeah was reading how "Entombed" has still continued without him...I just find it weird.

Have a great time mate!


Got my ticket in hand, So fucking keen.


Nothing better than to see a band you have been waiting to see for a long time, i live in hope to see Hypocrisy, Vader and My Dying Bride one day.


True that mate!!

Hopefully they come so you can see them! I'd sell my left nut to see My Dying Bride...


damnit , i cant make it


Ahhhh damn it!!! You going to Kreator & Vader?


Saw them last year, you are in for a good show!


So fucking keen mate! Their only playing stuff from Left Hand Path, Clandestine, and Wolverine Blues!!


Supports for Melbourne - ANATOMY + EARTH + BLACK JESUS.

Keen as fuck to see Anatomy.


Wow... this show was amazing!!! fucking nailed it. if they are coming to your town you need to go!!!


They're playing in Adelaide tonight, still undecided whether or not I will go. Will talk to a mate and decide if we go tonight or not.


Bro, You need to fucking go!!!


dude I was on the fence. I am not a big fan or anything like that. I thought F it ill go and support international metal.

from the first to the last minute it was an amazing show. they played so well. They were joking with the crowd. It was an sweet show. I think it was the 2nd best death metal show I have seen.

I would go again 100%


Oh sick!!! I still got no idea what you look like otherwise I would've come said g'day!!!

Fuck yeah respect, Their such an amazing band when they announced they were playing mainly stuff from Left Hand Path, Clandestine, and Wolverine Blues I lost my shit!!! Never thought I'd get to see them let alone play stuff from such inspirational albums!!

Who's the first best DM band?

I'd go again and then some haha, Went to my local record shop today was talking to the boys about it, Couple of their mates went all around 'Straya following the tour!


So fucking incredible!!! Easily one of the greatest gigs I've been to!

I missed the last train home so I had to get a cab...$87 later!!! On the upside we cranked one of my Anatomy CDs on the way, Was fucking wicked \m/

Ravishing Grimness

Awesome.Entombed A.D is fucking killer live.


Got that right mate, Was fucking sick!!!

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