Ebay find death human backpatch feb 2017

Sun, 05/02/2017 - 01:55

It looks absolutely pristine great one never seen it for sale before, and it so fucking expensive I am out but keeping an eye on it to see how far it goes


Good luck to any interested


Wow....That's crazy.

The guy selling its on here ya' know.


Wow I did not Know that I hadn't looked for it on here I will have to do that


He hasn't got it marked for sale here though.


I don't really use TSS anymore that's why it isn't marked for sale. but thanks for publishing the ebay link here. i haven't even thought about that :D


Ahhh, Why!! It's almost the ten years, party, beer, kebabs, The works!


is it vintage or original? .... . . .


Original like my hair!




This is "DEATH" \M/


Unholy fuck it went for 250 euros that's fucking insane


i got myself some nice speakers for that coin :D


Its another on sale for 30 euros, but has a broken part

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Recent Comments

  • Very much so man....Cranking Believe In Nothing :( Dead Heart In A Dead World...
  • love the cryptopsy, carcass and cephalic carnage patches, i think this is a great example of what a death metal vest sho
  • More akin to a Homburg rather. Where's the peacock feather?
  • Yo Hector!, any chances, you'll ever be down to trade this shirt or sale even?
  • Holy Fuck!!!! Just seen this. So Sad!!! I'll be cranking Nevermore all day today
  • Thanks!
  • Fark dude this is sick!
  • simply amazing
  • the most beautiful backpatch of all
  • Thank you man, lot of work went into this jacket. Can’t wait to make my next one!
  • WOW!! First time that I see this one!! It's vintage?
  • Paul Chain rules! Underrated as Hell.
  • Very cool jacket.
  • Great shirt and album!
  • this is fucking sick!
  • Amazing hoodie


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