Ebay find death human backpatch feb 2017

Sun, 05/02/2017 - 01:55

It looks absolutely pristine great one never seen it for sale before, and it so fucking expensive I am out but keeping an eye on it to see how far it goes


Good luck to any interested

Nater90's picture

Wow....That's crazy.

The guy selling its on here ya' know.

infestdead's picture

Wow I did not Know that I hadn't looked for it on here I will have to do that

Nater90's picture

He hasn't got it marked for sale here though.

lifewillneverlast's picture

I don't really use TSS anymore that's why it isn't marked for sale. but thanks for publishing the ebay link here. i haven't even thought about that :D

Nater90's picture

Ahhh, Why!! It's almost the ten years, party, beer, kebabs, The works!

DoctorDeath's picture

is it vintage or original? .... . . .

Nater90's picture

Original like my hair!

lifewillneverlast's picture


Dr.Machen's picture

This is "DEATH" \M/

infestdead's picture

Unholy fuck it went for 250 euros that's fucking insane

lifewillneverlast's picture

i got myself some nice speakers for that coin :D

Darkoperillo's picture

Its another on sale for 30 euros, but has a broken part

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