Direct Underground Fest - Sydney & Melbourne

Thu, 13/10/2016 - 02:10

Direct Touring’s Fifth Birthday Party!

Two shows only!
Friday, March 17: The Factory Theatre, Sydney:

Saturday, March 18: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne:

Melbourne based Direct Touring have been bringing some of the heaviest bands on earth to Australian cities for years now. Five years in fact.
In 2017 Direct Touring will be celebrating their fifth anniversary and to celebrate that milestone, they are throwing one monster of a metal party!

The Direct Underground Fest is a gathering of their all time favourite bands, some they have toured before while others they have always wanted to work with and now are!
Direct Touring has always been about quality over quantity.

The line up for The Direct Underground Fest features an lineup that cannot be missed:

MARDUK - Special "Heaven Shall Burn" set

Marduk: Since coming into being in 1990, Sweden’s Marduk have unleashed and unholy 13 albums of scathing extremity and the utmost brutality. Regarded as one of the pioneers of black metal, their barbaric, unhinged and unrelenting live assault must be witnessed, if not survived. Australia will once again be in the firing line to receive an unadulterated blast of caustic black metal with Marduk performing a special set for the occasion.

Gorguts: Having visited Australia only once before in November 2014, Canada’s leading progressive and influential extreme metal pioneers will return to wreak havoc again!
Remaining impervious to trends during two decades of constant musical upheaval, while simultaneously expanding and redefining the language of death metal, Gorguts attained a new level of pestilent fury on their latest album, Colored Sands…and followed it up with their mind bending new EP that comprises of a single 30min song - Pleiades’ Dust

MGLA: From the vast forests of Poland a fog emerges. MGLA (pron mgwa) literally means fog or mist in Slavic and just like their name, the members of MGLA are an enigma.
Shrouded in blackness, their faces completely covered in black masks, they have no human identity. No banners, no frills, no nothing. Just pure unadulterated black metal in all its majestic, nihilistic and euphoric splendour.
MGLA have set the standard for modern black metal, they are exemplars for the world. Their live show will leave you captivated and mesmerised.

Ulcerate: New Zealand’s death metal Kings. Their amalgamation of dark, oppressive death metal, atmosphere and mood into sonics brimming with pure rhythmic and dissonant extremity make for a difficult listening experience.
Punishing, churning textures leave even the most hardened metal fan with a sense of total unease and anxiety. Ulcerate strive for total bleakness and have captivated those looking for a release, be it physical, mental or spiritual through their superb musicology.
Ambitious, expansive, challenging. Ulcerate will take your soul and hand it back either crushed or purified.

Départe: Hailing from the southern extremities of the country (and the world) Tasmania’s Départe are intent on creating dark, brooding atmospheric black metal with a focus on an intense, hypnotic live performance.
The band stray from the more traditional black metal ethos, incorporating elements such as post metal, drone, doom and death metal.
The combination of these ingredients result in something unique, emotive and truly powerful.

The Direct Underground Fest is set to be one of the greatest metal gatherings of the year!
Come and bare witness to the insanity...

Two shows only!
Friday, March 17: The Factory Theatre, Sydney:

Saturday, March 18: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne:

Event date: 
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Event Country: 
Who is going?
Are you attending?


Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just brought and printed ticket at work haha.


some great bands on this tour.


Fuck yeah, Marduk seen before but still amazing and keen for them, Gorguts missed their last one...So pissed off but now I can finally see!! Keen for Mgla, Everyone seemed to be posting stuff here and when MasterDeath told me he met them and they were great guys I checked them out and really liked what I heard! So hoping to get their albums soon. Never heard of Ulcerate & Departe but defiantly checking them out!


Nooo! Why you gotta be on the wrong coast. :(


What sate you living in?


WA! It's the wrong coast alright, haha.


Ah!!!! I was over there couple months ago for mates birthday, Went to the Belgian Beer Cafe!! It's great.


Holy fuck....What a gig!!!

One of the best nights ever.


cool you had a great night of it, seen Marduk a few times, always deliver.


Fuck yeah, Was my second time seeing Marduk, Mortuus' vocals are epic, He can shriek so fast!


ULCERATE!!!! fuck, shame i didnt go!


Should've came man....Was amazing.

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