DESTRUCTION and the Italian gigs

Tue, 07/02/2017 - 22:24

Everyone knows Destruction so we can skip presentations and get right to the core

In the last few days the German band was booked to perform 3 gigs in Italy (Rome,Foggia and somewhere near Florence a place called Calenzano)

The roman gig went really straight,no reports but the other 2 not

In Foggia they refused to play because they decided the place was not fit,even though the owner of the club said the band already said the would play and the club was ok,lights,stage,amps and everything else was fine.
The band decided not to play and left 10 hrs before the concert.A roadie even posted a photo on facebook (later taken down) insulting the place and crew.

In Florence they started the concert 20 minutes late because they didn't get more orange juice (they already drank all the oj they requested for the show)
And after the show they got really angry and they broke some glasses,spit on the floor and insulted someone

My question is,something similar has ever happened in your country or just here?

I find their behavior really peculiar given that they played 2 other shows here last year (Brescia,Bergamo) and there were no problems.

I'd like to have your opinions


bad_american1992's picture

Holy shit... that's ridiculous. Not enough orange juice? That sounds like a scene from 'This Is Spinal Tap'. I've heard that the guys in Destruction act like big shot assholes from a couple people.

The only story I've heard like that is when Axl Rose refused to play a show in Brazil until he had chili and cheese. Something was lost in translation and the hotel sent him a plate of chili peppers with a block of cheddar cheese hahaha

formezzano's picture

Well axl kinda deserves being treated as he treats other people,there are too many stories about his tantrums...

As the cowboy in "The Big Lebowski"said:

- Sometimes you eat the bear,and sometimes the bear,well,he eats you -

RavenEffect's picture

Schmier's asshole level....it goes to 11.

NocturnalOccultist's picture

wtf did i just read? luulz

Nater90's picture

What the fuck...That's crazy.

I'd really love to see them their an amazing band! But if they are giant assholes I don't want them getting my hard earned cash to be disrespectful.

formezzano's picture

I was really shocked too because when I saw them last July there were technical problems with the stage and electricity ( the electricity generator turned off like 2-3 times,they had to play 45 minutes of the 75 they were booked)due to rain but they were really chill,they even gave beers to the people in the front row while the crew was trying to make that thing work.

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I think this is all Schmier sadly :/.
In Stockholm he kicked out the two record merchants who always sell there (as far as i know) stuff there at the venue they were playing.
One of them actually supported the Swedish shows financially and even drove the band between the gigs.
Maybe it was somekind of contract thing but i think it was a bit low and totally unnecessary.
I`ve meet up with the band memebers years ago and they were super cool and very friendly, so i can`t say anything negative about them as persons.
There`s alot promoters/clubs/venues out there that are pure shit and treating bands and fans like crap.
In this case i really don`t know.
Would like to add that me and my friends didn`t get any Destruction merch at the Stockholm show :)!
We got some Nervosa stuff instead.

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Yes,I read that it was mainly schmier and to me it was even more disappointing because when they played in my town in September he was with us,I mean the crowd,with the nervosa vocalist too,they were all chill,hanging out with us,taking photos and everything else

I don't know,maybe it was just a rough week for them (as it can happen to everyone) and they didn't react well

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I saw Mayhem here in Prague some years ago... there was huge problems with the power for the lighting.. but they happily played in complete darkness for most of the show, in the end it turned out to be a pretty interesting show!!!!

formezzano's picture

Must have been super cool to be there,I had a similar experience with Bölzer in April,there was nearly no lightning but they seemed to enjoy it and it was really fucking awesome

DoctorDeath's picture

i saw metallica in similar situation except very very very bad rain and a huuuge crowd.. i think this is what sets apart a real professional band... when you just get on with it and enjoy being with the crowd

RavenEffect's picture

Mayhem Playing in total darkness sounds like it should be the correct way to do it EVERY time.

DoctorDeath's picture

hell yeah!!!

Yoschi29's picture

After I've been to the first gig on this tour and I saw the pics that Schmier posted to his private FB account I have to defend him: The location in Foggia was not even a little bit prepared for a show at 2pm.
Here's a link how it looked and you will see that this isn't the place where a band like Destruction should play. I mean, there's no backstage. The room looks like a living room with furniture (!!!) and he wrote that the technical equipment wasn't ready too: https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16473162_10154210571333021...

formezzano's picture

Mmm i don't agree totally with you,i also saw those pics but they're not entirely reflecting the truth.

The club owner himself said that those photos were taken around 1 Pm,when they were still setting it up,cuz the band said in the contract that they would have been there at around 3 Pm,so they guys had plenty of time and the owner also said that 2 months before,when they signed the contract all the stage measures,lightning and all that technical stuff used during concerts were written down clearly on the paper,so the band or manager (idk) who signed it knew that the stage was that size. It was a last-minute decision from the band not to play there.

I can link you the owner's message but it is in Italian so,I don't think it would be of any help

Yoschi29's picture

woah okay I didn't know these facts, that's interesting. Probably Schmier had a very bad day...

Bert's picture

just another band pissed off with Italian venues, nothing weird....

formezzano's picture

Certo un po' te la sei anche cercata,tanto rispetto per Foggia ecc ma in Italia (soprattutto al nord) ci sono numerosi posti per ospitare tali band,se poi loro scelgono per i loro cazzi,non lo so,di suonare in posti un po' più sfigati dopo però non devono lamentarsi

Much respect for Foggia but in Italy there are lots of bigger venues (especially in the northern part of the county) if for their reasons,that I ignore,they still decide to play in lesser known places then you can't blame anyone but yourselves

Bert's picture

in che senso cercata? al fosh festival è stato un disastro eppure non mi sembrava che mancassero i $$$

formezzano's picture

Beh ma Il fosch era colpa della pioggia,a foggia dicono che Il club fosse piccolo,a mio parere era grande abbastanza ma se per loro era un problema bastava non firmare il contratto per Foggia e suonare altrove

Bert's picture

non conosco i dettagli di Foggia, il mio commento iniziale era solo per dire che non è la prima volta che qualcosa va storto e guarda caso la colpa è sempre degli altri....lungi da me il fatto di voler far polemica su un determinato evento

formezzano's picture

Se vuoi ti linko l'articolo,comunque si,siamo in Italia...quindi sempre colpa degli altri

formezzano's picture


Ecco,é giusto che tu ti faccia un'opinione in base a ciò che dicono i diretti interessati,più autorevoli sicuramente rispetto a me

MelFromHell's picture

What is it with Destruction and Italy? I was having a conversation with my mate Stella, an Italian living in London, when I was over for Live Evil last year. The topic got to them and she just went for the jugular saying how she lost all respect for them since what she had seen with them back home. Something about them due to play a gig and being total pompous pricks (mostly Schmier) at all the dates in front of the crowd an all. At one of the shows he promotor got on stage to announce them and got punched over something completely trivial. I wish I could remember the actual places she was talking about but I was a state that night. Point of the story is it seems like a pretty common thing, a diva attitude that would give Mariah Carey a run for her money

formezzano's picture

Oh yes,some dudes in the comment section on the facebook post were saying similar things,they noticed that destruction has a strange flirt with italy since it's not their first time behaving like this.

If the topic will come out again or you it comes to your mind the places' name I love to know it,I'm really interested

MelFromHell's picture

Sure, I'll message my friend later and ask about what happened again

formezzano's picture

Oh that's super nice,thank you

oprahatemybaby's picture

Schmier has always looked, acted, and sounded like a mega-baby, so it's not surprising.

formezzano's picture

I didn't know that,I met him and he was all chill and cool...i could imagine he was able to create such a mess for basically nothing

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Saw Destruction back in November here in Portugal at a Club in Lisbon that takes 200, give or take, small club nothing fancy. Gig was great, didnt heard anything bad, the place was packed, it was so Hot that the stage amp blew and he couldnt hear anything but the guy still give 100% and delivered a great gig so I'm really surprised to listen to this. I've heard many stories that some European bands dislike to play in Italy, mostly German and Swedish. Don't know why

formezzano's picture

I don't get why,I mean in every country there are professional and well equipped venues as well as smaller places...it's up to the band to decide between the options in which place to play.

I think there must be a similar situation in Portugal,bigger clubs were the most famous bands play and smaller ones where the local or more underground bands perform

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Yes RavenEffect i've heard these stories as well. I bought tickets to the Sonata Arctica show in Milan where they were going to shoot the live DVD. After buying all the tickets, flights, hotels etc I found out the band cancelled the shooting for the DVD (opting to shoot in Finland instead) because the Milan club didn't get all the safety permits. I can imagine word of mouth spreading between bands and other bands being reluctant to play Italy afterwards.

Also Schmier is still a big baby sometimes. Great music though...

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Ok the band has released a statement in order to explain what happened in Foggia
(I'll reassume if for you


Here's the link for you Italian speaking bastards out there)

Basically the band first apologized for what the roadie has written about Italy
Then explained that the concert failed because of the promoter who (as they say,I have no opinion about it) they said knew the band's need regarding instruments,lights,food etc. but failed to get everything that was stated and signed in the contract,so it was not the club's fault,not the booking agency's fault or of someone related to the band (members,crew etc.)

That's it...let me know what you think guys,I'm really interested in everyone's opinion

Cheers and Porco Dio

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