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Wed, 15/06/2016 - 20:18


I was wondering if anyone else has seen something like these? I mean I just think why and how would people spent so much on one or few albums? like 700€ to get music? seriously.. for example


feel free to add your own links what you find that are way too crazy priced.. but only music albums not t-shirt or other stuff.. interested to see what you guys might have seen..

Der Todesking

Totally agree!

Into Glory Ride

Good point, yes.


Nicely put!

Into Glory Ride

Blood Music are specialised in offering releases for horrendous ridiculous prices. Sorry , but fuck them.


I love the fact people ask for hundres of Euros for the album itself then you still need to pay for shipping.. like "here's this album for 1000€ and you pay 20€ for shipping!" right..like the 1000€ isn't enough for you to pay something like 10-30€ shipping.. jeez..


I think CD's costing 18 euros a piece now is ridiculous


Wouldn't even bother with that Emperor boxset. Emperor just fucking sucks after In the Nightside Eclipse


You know thats something anybody could say. In fact thats about all I ever hear anyone say.

Frankly the only Emperor I like is Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk


LAst year a 10" vinyl record got sold for about 6500 euro. JUDGE; Chunk king can suck it. Most expensive hardcore record ever i think.


There's a Belgian guy who has it. Held it in my hands a few years ago. He looked concerned when I was holding it hehe.


Seriously? I havent seen any Belgian on the list of the lucky 110. You sure it wasnt the boot? I have the boot aswell.


He's on the list. Think the record was in mint condition too.


whats that guys name? does he play in a band?


Once in discogs was Dust angel To to dust you will decay cd at 500e price, hahaa! it must be official 1:st press, BUT still insane price!

Also Morbid saint Spectrum of death 1:st cd press: https://www.discogs.com/Morbid-Saint-Spectrum-Of-Death/release/3346088 352 euros, hahaha!


lol how about this guy -

This CD got re released not too long ago and he's trying to get this much for a 1st press? lol


He probably gave the wrong info. Slovenia changed its currency from tolar to euro in 2007.
Therefore: 700 SIT = 2.92 € haha

Der Todesking

Lmfao!! :D


when reading the description - *COMBINED SHIPPING discount available – SAVE £5 on each additional item!*

there is also the option to make an offer, I wonder what they will say when I offer a hundred bucks, instead of 66+K....ffs....

Der Todesking

You probably won't even get an answer.


Well I must admit that for a collector's item I'm willing to pay a little extra, because if its your hobby its not weird to pay allot of money for something extremely valauble. But there are limits for sure, like this one, this is just inhumane:



I like that there's guy with 0 rating selling album for 2K..seems legit right? I sure as hell wouldn't buy anything from guy who's selling item over 100€ with 0 rating..


Totally agreed, untill now only had good exchanges on Discogs but I only buy from good rated sellers ofcourse


Holy fuck that's insane.


you've probably already seen this one:


yes its the yellow G with lyrics, anyway...


Unsold... Haha good


I've got alot of these vinyls and cds that cost hundreds or thousands and so glad I paid no where near that.
It's annoying that people want so much for vinyl when they've been used or have seam splits or creases or crackles during playing.
this is even more insane. The price for a 7" with 2 songs...despite it being the first Iron Maiden... that's NO excuse.



"It's annoying that people want so much for vinyl when they've been used or have seam splits or creases or crackles during playing."

actually that was one reason I quit collecting vinyl completely. Usually when I bought vinyl as new meaning factory sealed it would be warped or have some sort of physical damage in the vinyl causing playback issues I didn't bother to ask refund or return item because they were all bought from another countries. I suppose I could blame myself for that but whatever. When buying used vinyl something like 2-5 year old stuff it usually starts to cost aroung 30-100€ in price while CD is 5-20€ at the tops.. I remember buying Summoning vinyl used from discogs for 100€ or 150€ if I remember correctly then someone commented there that he bought 4 Summoning vinyls first presses and all of them have crackling issue no matter how he would try to clean them.. so in my opinion the cost and quality ratio on most vinyl releases aren't worth it. idk it just pissed me off too much to buy 20-30€ then when it finally arrives as factory sealed they use cheap inner sleeves which cause scratches to the vinyl even before you play it.. fun.


One the the best ones : https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/251971676
Ανασα σταχτη was an awesome Greek hardcore/crust punk band (if you are a fan of this music you should definitely chech them out). This is their only album, and is considered an underground gem that every collector wants to have. Because Ανασα σταχτη was a DIY band, ( "This record has been released completely indepently and it's a product of friendship, cooperation, will and and attempt of self-organizing our need of expression and creation" ) very few copies are availble today, and always sell for ridiculous prices. I fucking HATE scums that try to exploit the name of some cult bands of the past by selling their music for absurd prices. I really hope that it could be properly re-released, so all these leaches could stick their fucking ripoff prices up their greedy asses.

Der Todesking

They probably still would sell for high prices, even with the rerelease! You know some ppl want the original first pressing (nothing wrong with that ofc!)....


Damn some of them prices are insane!!!!

I mostly collect CDs because the bands benefit from the sales, I buy second hand stuff now and then if it's the only thing available, Same with patches, Cancer - Death Shall Rise is a must have Death Metal album for me, But I'm not willing to pay over $300 when they don't get some part of that to put into future projects! People are just greedy and think people are willing to sell their soul to have those particular pieces so everyone thinks their top shit! Fuck that I say, I bought all three Bolt Thrower t shirts from the cancelled Australian tour when Martin died, His family gets the money, I respect that, I'm not pay over $100 or more for a shirt someone got in the 90s that Bolt Thrower doesn't get the benefit off.

I'd rather pay a price I'm happy with, be able to pay my bills each month and have food in my belly then give someone my hard earned cash because their trying to make a quick buck off some gullible person thinking it's kvlt as fuck!


the latest - crazy shit i saw, where in a Mail from Discogs. a Top-10 about the highest priced - SOLD items from Month July/2017 ....Emperor album Box for 3000+ $ (DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...i mean..wtf..hahahahaha

With the high-prices....there are always 2 sides for me...
a) PPL will ask for incredible prices...totaly non realistic prices....looks high, but no1 buys
b) PPL will ask for incredible prices....BUT PPL PAY it..

...a) ...sure every1 can TRY ....but b) god damn..rly? :P

Even if i would have 5000 Euro every month, to throw it out of the window....i would NOT buy a single CD for 200-300 Euro (not to talk about 1000+) ..maybe i would be rich..yes, but still not stupid....sorry

Der Todesking

Absolutely! It's ridiculous!! And the thing is - ppl see the high prices & think "Hey if this guy is taking that much, I will too!" & this whole thing spreads like a plague!! Sucks!

Fatal Agent

Finding stuff that was affordable months (not even talking about years) ago which is being sold now for insane sums isn't even funny anymore.


yep...so true...


well said...and all these greedy bitches...makes me rly sad....

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